Washington, D.C.

The Capital of the Free World offers much more than just politicians maneuvering over steak lunches and busloads of teenage tourists. Beyond the sandstone and marble institutions of democracy and diplomacy is a city of culinary refinement, skyline vistas, multicultural diversity and espionage intrigue.

The Sidewalks of Washington DC investigate the stories, secrets and icons of the city, each delivered by a DC insider. Walk in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln's assassins. Meander the picture-perfect brick and cobblestone path along the canal in Georgetown. Probe the flurry of spy activity near the White House. Sample international flavors in Adams Morgan. Commemorate the Founding Fathers and patriots at the memorials along the Tidal Basin. This is the best way to gain insight into one of the most powerful cities in the world.

Power Lunches, Lobbyist Happy Hours & the Hangout Spots of Capitol Hill Politicos

3 hours
Guided by Kevin

Washington DC runs on power lunches, bar room dealings and martini negotiations. Chefs have engineered a collection of the restaurants near the Capitol and White House to serve as the perfect environments for lobbyists, congresspeople, senators, lawyers and media bigwigs to wine and dine. Join us on a walk of some of the most patronized political stomping grounds and hear the stories behind them. Along the way, we might just rub shoulders with the movers and shakers of Washington politics.

Heroes of the Past: Tributes from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial

4 hours
Guided by Gil

Washington is a city well known for its commemorations to presidents, prominent leaders and wars won and lost. Come join this 4-hour walk of DC's most important monuments, as well as some of the key buildings along Constitution Avenue. Stroll the tree-lined paths to excellent vistas and historic tributes. By the end of the walk, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the city and a greater appreciation of American martyrs, heroes and institutions.

Chili, Whiskey Flights and Roof Top Nights: Taste the Heart & Soul of DC

1 hour and 30 minutes
Guided by Corey

Nosh tasty bites and sip savory drinks as you make your way through the up-and-coming U St. Corridor and into hip Adams Morgan. This stroll through the middle of DC's two most-vibrant neighborhoods starts with the iconic Ben's Chili half-smoke, and proceeds to roof-top cocktails, street art, bourbon and falafel. This is the perfect walk to start on an empty stomach with a friend. Some might call this adventure "decadent" or "boozy." I prefer to think of it as the recipe for the best night ever.

Arlington Cemetery: Civil War Mansion, Tomb of the Unknowns & Pentagon 911 Memorial

3 hours and 20 minutes
Guided by Gil

A visit to America's premier national cemetery is a must for veterans and history buffs. The large, hilly park of precise tomb markers includes several historic buildings and monuments, as well as commanding views of Washington, DC across the Potomac River. Come see tributes to the heroes and casualties of the nation's conflicts since the American Civil War and gain a sense of the sacrifices made to establish, protect and nurture this country.

Spooks, Spies & Saboteurs: Clandestine Organizations and Betrayal in Washington DC

1 hour and 15 minutes
Guided by Jason

Ciphers and dead drops, double agents and black ops. Since its founding, Washington DC has served as a city of secrets and spies. Among DC's embassies, agency headquarters and meeting spots, are stories of espionage and betrayal. Join us on a walk just steps from the White House to discover a clandestine shell company operated by the CIA, the Soviet spy headquarters and the home of the nation's modern-day spycraft. Along the way, we'll introduce the heroes, traitors, seducers and saboteurs that fuel the city's intrigue.

Assassins, Conspiracy & Theater: Lincoln's Last Days & the Plot to Overthrow the Union

3 hours
Guided by Kevin

On what was supposed to be an evening of comedy and theater exploded into a tragedy and three-part attempt to overthrow the US Government. Cloaked in mystery, treason and conspiracy, the assassination of President Lincoln shook the country to its core. Journey back to 1865 to meet the characters and follow in the footsteps of the 16th president's final hours. Along the way, we'll visit the headquarters of the Confederate assassins, the sites of the murder attempts and the house in which Lincoln died.

Capitol Vistas, Watergate & a Bar Room Singalong: The Perfect Date Night in DC

2 hours
Guided by Chris

Some of my favorite spots in Washington DC are on the west side near the Potomac River. I put together the perfect stroll for you, whether you are on a date or out with friends. We start with drinks and vistas of Capitol Hill from the roof of the Kennedy Center. Then we'll pop over to a scandal-filled luxury hotel before continuing to dinner along the Georgetown Waterfront. From there, we end the night at a piano bar, belting "Don't Stop Believing." This is my neighborhood, so trust me: it is going to be a fun night. Let me show you.

The Instagram-Worthy, Tastebud-Approved Walk Of Georgetown

1 hour and 15 minutes
Guided by Brie

Georgetown is arguably one of the most charming neighborhoods in the country. With its narrow, Colonial-era streets, cobble stones, historic canal and hip eateries, Georgetown practically begs to be shared on Instagram. Come on a walk of six picture-perfect spots in Georgetown and I'll even show you a few of must-try pastries and tea shops as well.

Capitol Hill: The Foundation of the Country

4 hours
Guided by Gil

This walk is for anyone interested in national politics and how laws are made and judged. The Capitol Hill neighborhood, and indeed, the entire city, is anchored on the Capitol Building, the home of the U.S. Congress and Senate. Join us as we explore U.S. history, culture and architecture on our walk through federal institutions and fixtures of Capitol Hill.