Seattle, WA

When a town complains about the weather just to scare away potential transients, it's a clue that there is something special to discover there. No doubt, Seattle is one of America's worst kept secrets. The Emerald City is unique in its balance between a tech-forward ethos and a rugged outdoorsy mindset, between its diehard Seahawks football fans and its grunge music followers, between its equal pride for its homegrown global businesses and its grinding entrepreneurs.

With Sidewalk, you will find yourself in the zeitgeist of Seattle as you venture from the hip bookstores and craft cider bars of Capitol Hill to the "Third Wave" coffee houses and Art Deco architecture of Downtown, from the tales of gold diggers and gamblers of yesteryear in Pioneer Square to a local chef's take on shopping the treats of Pike Place Market. Just like the natives, you too will cherish Seattle.

Korean Tacos, Craft Cider, High Fashion and Rock & Roll: Stroll of Hipster Capitol Hill

3 hours
Guided by Amanda

Capitol Hill is Seattle's hip and trendy "it" neighborhood, steeped in rock n' roll history and accented with funky boutiques, inventive cocktail lounges and beautiful and energetic twenty- and thirtysomethings. Join us as we explore the institutions and hidden gems of Capitol Hill including a recycled materials boutique, ice cream parlor, Jimi Hendrix statue, a speakeasy and the most beautiful bookstore in the Pacific Northwest.

Pioneer Square: Lumberjacks, Gold Diggers, Gamblers, Hipsters and the Story of Seattle

2 hours and 15 minutes
Guided by Amanda

Pioneer Square was the center of the city when Seattle was founded in 1852. Join us to explore the settling, scorching, reconstruction, decay and resurgence of the neighborhood. We chronologically unfold the story as we visit a skyscraper, national park, former brothel, cafe and other sites that explain the evolution of the district from 19th-century frontier outpost to today's nucleus of art galleries, tech startups and Seattle's farm-to-table culinary movement.

Hidden Speakeasies, Artisanal Cocktails & Irish Whisky: A Selective Pub Crawl of Belltown

2 hours and 30 minutes
Guided by Whit

It's going to be a night on the town in Belltown. Let's skip the loud, pretentious, dance-and-get-drunk crowd and see what the neighborhood has to offer. We've got a finely curated collection of five establishments lined up for you ranging from subterranean speakeasy to Irish pub. Shine up your shoes and find a friend to join what is guaranteed to be a fun night of cleverly-named libations in elegantly ironic environs.

Flying Fish, Cheese Curds & Black Garlic: The Local's Foodie Guide to Pike Place Market

3 hours
Guided by Whit

There is a right way and wrong way to experience the must-see destination that is Pike Place Market. This is the stroll around Pike Place that I only share with people I like. A little history, a little entertainment, all the iconic sites and a good amount of food. This is the best of the best of the market: donuts, chocolate covered cherries, ginger beer, pork buns and more. Just don't tell anyone!

Vice, Ghosts & Serial Killers: A Haunted Walk Through Pike Place Market

2 hours and 15 minutes
Guided by Damien

Walk through one of the seemingly wholesome, quaint parts of Seattle in search of the macabre, the supernatural and the unresolved. Prepare yourself for stories of spite, gruesome murder and mischief. The spirits of Pike Place Market haunt stores, restaurants, hallways and bars. Come explore how the evolution of the market created an ensemble of beings that still torment from beyond the grave. Warning: not appropriate for kids.

ArtWalk: The Olympic Sculpture Park and the Stories Behind the Works

1 hour and 30 minutes
Guided by Amanda

The Olympic Sculpture Park just west of the Space Needle is one of the city's best kept secrets. An extension of the Seattle Art Museum, the free sculpture park is impressive in the prestige of works on display and it's fun showcasing of the collection. This guide will lead you from work to work and provide a narrative of the beauty, significance and story of select pieces. By the end, you will be well-entertained and have a new appreciation for the importance of this park for the city.

Art Deco Gems Of Seattle

1 hour and 15 minutes
Guided by Michiel

In Seattle's modern skyscraper-filled downtown, it seems like architectural heritage is few and far between. Most of it is just glass and steel (post-)modern rectangles. But look closely, and you will find some real Art Deco gems, full of detail and beauty. Many of them were the city's first skyscrapers, now dwarfed by newer, colder structures. We decided to put these architectural jewels on the map. Join us on a walk of Art Deco masterpieces in downtown Seattle and find out what makes them special.

Open Eyed & Wide Awake: The Artisanal Coffee Crawl of Downtown Seattle

2 hours
Guided by Whit

In a city that is synonymous with coffee culture, come explore the best that downtown Seattle has to offer. Whether you are an espresso aficionado or novice, join us as we visit a collection of five select "Third Wave" coffee artists. Along the way, we will discuss both the history of Seattle's caffeine scene and what to look for in a good cup of coffee. Guaranteed no Starbucks. We're heading to the best of the best.