Iconic Sidewalks Around the World

Typically, we wait to "unlock" an official Sidewalk city until there exist at least a handful of Sidewalks on-location. These Sidewalks, however, are so good that we broke our own rules. Whether you find yourself in Park City, Prague or somewhere in-between, you can explore the most fascinating local culture, art, history and food with Sidewalk. Don't see a self-guided tour in your favorite city or hometown? Create your own Sidewalk to share with the community.

Yale & Beyond: Priceless Art, Rare Books & the Country's Best Pizza in New Haven, CT

4 hours
Guided by CB

Explore this college town to discover an old world campus, the first college museum in the US, the best pizza in the country and more. As someone who lives in New Haven and is married to a Yalie, I know what is worth seeing. Come on a one-day exploration of Yale University and its surroundings. We'll visit a secret society, happen across the most iconic painting of the Revolutionary War, and grab a cocktail at a 300+ year old bar. This is the best of New Haven.

Crazy Donuts, Hipster Arcade Games & Rare Books: The Hallowed Institutions Of Portlandia

1 hour
Guided by Nick

Downtown Portland bustles with uber-hip, delicious, quirky, historic and beloved establishments - all of which are a little weird, and that's just the way we like them. Let me show you what makes this town special. Come on a stroll around the Pearl District in downtown for some of the tastiest fusion pork buns, artisanal espresso, eccentric donuts, a nostalgia-inducing arcade, and the best damn bookstore in the world. You are guaranteed to love PDX, Beervana, Rip City, Hipster Hollow, or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.

The King's Highway | Frankford Tour

1 hour and 15 minutes
Guided by Jason Sherman

Frankford is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Philadelphia; the village along Frankford Creek appears on maps from 1654. The Swedish settlement eventually came under William Penn's ownership who sold the town to the Society of Free Traders, a group of Quaker businessmen. Little did they know how much of a role Frankford would play in American history. Due to its location along the King's Highway, the town determined the strategy for the Continental Congress, hosted the Founding Fathers, and even invented the home mortgage. Come explore!

Biscuits, Bluegrass & Microbrews of The Gulch | Presented by Mint House

1 hour and 15 minutes
Guided by Will

The Gulch is one of Nashville's liveliest neighborhoods - a mix of historical industrial warehouses and luxury, steel high rises, trendy boutiques and artisanal specialty food purveyors. Come explore the hotspots, cultural institutions and revitalization that has made The Gulch such a fun neighborhood. Along the way, we'll sample southern biscuits, specialty chocolate bars, the perfect cup of coffee, a live music mecca and a local craft beer bar. This is the perfect way to explore the best of The Gulch.

The Local's Kilauea, Kauai: Fresh Poké, Handmade Ceramics & Tropical Candles

1 hour and 15 minutes
Guided by Colleen

Whether you are en route to the Kilauea lighthouse, the Queen's Bath in Princeville, or the Na Pali coast line, the town of Kilauea is the perfect stop. The former plantation town features the best handicrafts, local food spots and sophisticated souvenirs on the North Shore. As a native to these islands, let me take you to my favorite spots for local fashion, artisanal ceramics, and handmade botanic candles. We'll also try some of the best poké on the island, some tropical pastries and end with some vino. This is where the locals go in Kauai.

Cowboy Boots, Model Trains & Microbrews: The Best of Downtown Cheyenne

1 hour
Guided by Luana

Downtown Cheyenne is reinventing itself into a hip and vibrant urban center. And yet, the vestiges of Old World architecture and Wild West spirit remain. It's a unique time to see how the two worlds blend together. Come let me show you my favorite places of timeless Cheyenne. On our walk, we'll see everything from 19th-century railroad engines to 20th-century cowboy boots, and 21st-century microbrews. Along the way, we'll explore some of the history and culture of the city. You're going to have a blast!

Heritage & History: African American Cultural Institutions of Buffalo, NY

1 hour and 30 minutes
Guided by Jalen

Buffalo has a rich African American culture that has been built over many years and with a lot of hard work, as illustrated in Lillian Serece Williams' book, "Strangers in the Land of Paradise: Creation of an African American Community in Buffalo." This tour explores the cultural institutions of Buffalo, from religious pillars to a stop on the Underground Railroad, from jazz musicians to a soul food institution. Come explore the African American culture and heritage of Buffalo.

The Definitive Microbrew Crawl of the Pearl District, Downtown Portland, OR

1 hour
Guided by Nick

Portland, Oregon: Brewtopia, Munich on the Willamette, Beervana. The town is well-known and well-loved for its bounty of craft breweries. Since the 1980s, Portland has lead the country in microbreweries; there are now more than 68 in the Portland Metro area. Join me on a walk of my four favorite microbreweries in the Pearl District downtown. I'll recommend both my favorite beers and tasty food pairings to complement them. This is a great way to see a new side of the town.

The Best Of Old Town Park City: Wild West Miners, Contemporary Art & Local Whiskey

2 hours
Guided by Rob

Old Town Park City: where the comforts of a 21st-century skier's mecca exist within the vigor and architecture of a 19th-century mining town. As a year-long resident of Park City, I know this town inside and out. My Sidewalk will lead you to best local hangout spots and explore a little of the boom-bust-boom of the town. We'll sip the best coffee in town, play with some mining apparatus, find some art, join in the apres-ski bar scene, visit a handmade chocolate shop, sample a flight of local whiskey, and more. I guarantee a great time.

Whimsy & Caprice - A Tour of Prague's Humorous Public Art & Sculptures

1 hour and 30 minutes
Guided by Julie

Prague is a town bursting with statues. Most of them honor Czech heroes of days past, but more recently, local sculptors, led by David Černý changed the tone from reverence to ridicule. Today we will explore my favorite non-obvious examples of Prague's satirical, goofy, unexpected and crass statues and public art. We're on a mission to find artwork dangling from above, hanging upside down, revolving in-motion and leaking.

Warm Springs Walking/Driving Tour

Guided by Kate Loeffler

Warm Springs Walking Tour - see the village and surrounding area on foot, bike, or car! As the County seat of Bath County, our little town is BIG with wonderful things to see and do!

Fresh Donuts, Local Cheese & A Splash of Color: A Stroll Down Main Street Tannersville NY

1 hour and 15 minutes
Guided by George

In the heart of the Catskill Mountains, just two hours from New York City, lies the polychromatic gem of Tannersville, “The Painted Village in the Sky.” The town can't help but celebrate the heritage of its 1895 founding or the charm of its technicolor makeover. But there's a palatable buzz that goes beyond the Main Street facades. Come on my Sidewalk of Main Street to gain a sense of the Tannersville allure. Along the way, we'll nibble local cheese, visit Hudson Valley artisans, sip Pinot Noir and explore the quirks of the town.

The King's Highway | Tacony Tour

1 hour and 30 minutes
Guided by Jason Sherman

The Tacony Tour provides a unique window into the historic Tacony neighborhood and it’s significance along the King’s Highway. The original inhabitants of this area were the Lenni Lenape American Indians. The name Tacony is derived from the Lenni Lenape word Towacawonick, which means “woods” or “uninhabited place.” In the 1870's, industrialist Henry Disston purchased wide swaths of Tacony land for his fast-growing saw and file factory bringing an explosion of jobs and ushering in a working-class community.

Historic Campus Tour of California State University - Channel Islands

Guided by CI Tour Team

Come explore the history, architecture and student life of California State University - Channel Islands. While the school has a relatively short history, the area around campus celebrates centuries of history and evolutions. On this loop around campus, we'll visit the library, cafeteria, dorms, main center activity, and even a few special locations with historic or cultural significance. This is a great way to dip your feet into life at CSUCI.

The King's Highway | Holmesburg Tour

2 hours
Guided by Jason Sherman

You are about to take a journey down America's oldest road "The King's Highway." This self-guided tour will take you through the historic village of Holmesburg and provide you with the rich history of the buildings and points of interest along the highway. If you have seen the Award Winning Documentary Film The King's Highway on WHYY-PBS, Amazon Video, or iTunes, then get ready to see everything in person!

New Culture in Old Madrid: From Goya & Egyptian Temples to Street Art & Urban Parks

1 hour and 22 minutes
Guided by Just Traveler

Madrid offers a unique blend of environments to indulge your spirit of discovery. Within a short distance, we will walk through several neighborhoods to find some of my favorite places in the city. Join me as we discover an ancient Egyptian temple, works by Spain's favorite old master painter, a new parkland, and Madrid's best street art murals. I guarantee you will have a great time uncovering Madrid and its artistic community.

The Soul of Music City: Music Row | Presented by Mint House

1 hour and 15 minutes
Guided by Maria

Nashville is known as "Music City" in large part due to the country music institutions along Music Row. Since the 1950s, the recording studios and music labels in the Music Row district revitalized country music, transformed musicians into stars, and produced hit after hit. Come see where Owen Bradley shaped "the Nashville Sound," where Dolly Parton almost failed to record her first album, and where Elvis used to stay. Along the way, we'll visit memorials to past music heroes, enjoy a cocktail, and taste the best Nashville Hot Chicken in town.

Power, Seduction & Old Victorians in the Sterling Grove Historic District, Lafayette LA

45 minutes
Guided by John

Explore a true gem of Cajun country history. The Sterling Grove Historic District encompasses the former plantation of the Mouton family dynasty. Moutons have served as Louisiana's founders, governors, generals and elite for centuries. Come explore the Mouton's plantation and what has happened to it over time. Discover old Victorian architecture, tales of seduction, and Cajun stories from the turn of the century.

Canal Bridges, Clock Towers & Red Light Windows | A Walk of Historic Amsterdam: East

45 minutes
Guided by Senna

Walk the canals and squares of Amsterdam to explore the history, architecture and local culture. Join me on a visit to the old markets, 800 year old churches, red light district windows and ancient city gates. Plus we will sample the Winkle43 Dutch apple pie, considered to be the best in the world. This is the definitive walk of Amsterdam. This walk of the Amsterdam pairs nicely with my other walk, "Dutch Apple Pie, Anne Frank's Home & Tulips in Bloom | A Walk of Historic Amsterdam: West."

Sex, Cannabis and Bananas: Exploring The Red Light District of Amsterdam

2 hours
Guided by Rhys

This neighborhood is certainly not for everyone, but we'll take a more inquisitive approach to the Red Light District. The oldest district of Amsterdam celebrates the world's oldest profession. And unlike just about everywhere else, prostitution is legal in the Netherlands. Join us as we walk the streets and alleys of the RLD to see the creative sex shop boutiques, historic strip clubs and window sills of prostitutes in full regalia. Along the way, we'll help explain the scene and offer the do's and don'ts. This is going to be fun.

Dutch Apple Pie, Anne Frank's Home & Tulips in Bloom | A Walk of Historic Amsterdam: West

1 hour and 15 minutes
Guided by Senna

Walk the canals and squares of Amsterdam to explore the history, architecture and local culture. Join me on an exploration of flowers, cafes, cheese and the best Dutch Apple Pie in the world. We'll also visit Anne Frank's home where she and her family hid during WWII. This is the definitive walk of Amsterdam. This western walk of the Amsterdam pairs nicely with my other walk, "Canal Bridges, Clock Towers & Red Light Windows: A Walk of Historic Amsterdam: East."

Parliament, Pastries and Art Nouveau: A Stroll of Aristocratic Budapest & Leopold Town

2 hours and 30 minutes
Guided by Jason

The financial, political and aristocratic center of Budapest, Leopold Town also boasts some of its most impressive buildings and monuments. Join us on a loop of the neighborhood to seek out tower-top vistas, architectural clashes and tributes to friends (and enemies) of the past. This is as much a walk of Budapest's heroes and kings as it is an exploration of its grand architecture, cafes and treats. Our stroll wanders through the best of Leopold Town.

Prohibition Cocktails, Cowboy Attire & Indie Books: LoDo Denver | Presented by Mint House

1 hour
Guided by Maria

Lower Downtown (or "LoDo" as the locals call it) is filled with stories of gold rushers, frontier traders, artisan laborers and hopeful entrepreneurs. The oldest neighborhood in Denver, LoDo's charming brick facades from the 1860s have found new utility in the city's economic renaissance. Come explore the chronicles of LoDo and the institutions that have shaped the city. Along the way, we'll find salacious speakeasies, iconic architecture, hip boutiques and my favorite bookstore in the world. This is the insider's LoDo.

Opulence, Colonialism & Change: Old Singapore in the Downtown Civic District

Guided by Beatrice

From backwater fishing village to regional powerhouse, Singapore and its rich history are best discovered on foot. Come explore the city's early days through its colonial buildings, neo-classical architecture, and symbols of grandeur in the central Civic District. We begin at Sir Stamford Raffles' landing point and meander our way through historic locations, sacred spaces and grand plazas to conclude with cocktails at the stately emblem of colonial supremacy, Raffles Hotel. This is the definitive way to experience the story of Singapore.

Temples, Bao Burgers & Trendy Boutiques: The Local's Guide of Sheung Wan - Hong Kong

1 hour and 30 minutes
Guided by Chloe

Sheung Wan is Hong Kong's hippest neighborhood. Small boutiques, eclectic cafes, ancestral temples, winding alleys - Sheung Wan is a blend of cultures and time periods. One of the first neighborhoods that the British colonials settled, Sheung Wan maintains a quaint footprint with a constantly transforming identity. Come wander the back streets, antique shops, trendy eateries, cultural institutions and contemporary fashion houses of Sheung Wan.

A Local’s Guide to Downtown Cape May: Curious Tales and Insider Tips

Guided by Curious Cape May

Cape May is well-known for its Victorian roots and beautiful beaches, but over the years it has grown into a hotbed of cultural spots, boutique shops, and artisanal food and beverage experiences. Join us as we walk the downtown district. We will explore the town’s curious past, visit some of our favorite places, wander past historic buildings, and discover some of the best vistas in town. And along the way, we'll share insider tips to help you make the most out of your stay in Cape May.

A Local's Guide to RiNo Denver - Craft, Culture and Paint | Presented by Mint House

2 hours
Guided by Will

Where artists go, people follow. River North ("RiNo" to locals) was originally an industrial neighborhood filled with warehouses, factories and auto repair shops. When industry moved out in the late 80s, the neighborhood was left with vacant warehouses and failing infrastructure. Drawn to the grittiness, artists came to set up shop in 2005 and the RiNo Art District was born. Today, RiNo is home to some of Denver's best street art, breweries, restaurants, galleries and boutiques. Come explore the best of the best.

The Boarding House - Downtown Cape May Walking Tour

1 hour and 30 minutes
Guided by Curious Cape May

The Boarding House is a surf-inspired, dog-friendly hotel in the heart of historic downtown Cape May. And while it is one of the newest hotels in town, it has an interesting history as does the entire town. On this walking tour, you will explore some of Cape May's curious past, visit some of our favorite places, wander past historic buildings, and discover some of the best vistas in town. And along the way, we'll share insider tips to help you make the most out of your time here.

A Walk Through Time & Heritage - Iconic Downtown Madrid

Guided by Miguel

Take a walk of Madrid’s most historic sites from the most famous to lesser-known ones. You will enjoy seeing the iconic Royal Palace, a 2,000-year old Egyptian temple, eating in the world’s oldest restaurant and visiting one of the oldest guitar-making workshops in Spain. These are some of my favorite places in downtown.

The Insider's Malasaña Madrid: Vintage Clothes, Street Culture & Hip Lifestyles

Guided by Gabo

Urban music, street art and vintage clothes; Madrid's Malasaña neighborhood is known for its continuously-evolving contemporary street culture. Come check out the district's landmark stops for limited edition sneakers, second-hand clothes, vinyl records, locally-sourced food, and a celebration of 80's culture. Expect to find an assortment of hip shoppers, passionate merchants and one-of-a-kind treasures. Along the way, you'll witness how Malasaña both preserves and curates its own unique flavor of contemporary street culture shaping Spain.