The Insider's Malasaña Madrid: Vintage Clothes, Street Culture & Hip Lifestyles

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Urban music, street art and vintage clothes; Madrid's Malasaña neighborhood is known for its continuously-evolving contemporary street culture. Come check out the district's landmark stops for limited edition sneakers, second-hand clothes, vinyl records, locally-sourced food, and a celebration of 80's culture. Expect to find an assortment of hip shoppers, passionate merchants and one-of-a-kind treasures. Along the way, you'll witness how Malasaña both preserves and curates its own unique flavor of contemporary street culture shaping Spain.

About Your Guide

I am a street culture enthusiast and crazy about travelling. I love to observe contemporary music, style, food and sports - they all play a role in who we are and what society is about. My job as your guide is to raise awareness about different cities’ contemporary background, while prioritizing budget, convenience, and sustainability.

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Guide Points

  1. NOIRFONCE - Sneakers & Apparel

    Noir Fonce is a "home" for anyone into sneakers and clothes. Head inside and enjoy the house-like interior design with its couches, decor a…

  2. Quality Sportswear

    Quality Sportswear is a vintage archive of professional sports team gear. Think: classic World Cup football jerseys, old school team scarfs…

  3. Flamingos Vintage Kilo Madrid

    Flamingo is a particularly peculiar shop when it comes to vintage, second hand treasures.

  4. Foot District

    Foot District is Madrid's first stand-out urban footwear store; it celebrates legendary sneakers, special edition designs, and limited rele…

  5. MadWaffle

    Óscar Gómez went on a business trip to Hong Kong where he discovered a new type of ice cream cone: the "bubble waffle" - a waffle cone made…

  6. Kinda Kinks

    Kinda Kinks is a second hand store filled with all sorts of clothing pieces: jeans, jackets, whatever, Kinda Kinks has got you covered with…

  7. El Almacén de Discos | Record Store

    It may seem like the digital world has taken over the music scene and there are so many records and artists we have forgotten. However, the…

  8. Honest Greens Hortaleza

    We end our walk at one of my favorite restaurants. Honest Greens is the ideal fast casual restaurant for a hot day in Malasaña.

Sidewalk Reviews

  1. 4 Reviews

    1. Miguel

    Mar 22, 2019

    1. Jacob Riege

    It was a pleasurable tour and I believe I spend way too much money on clothes

    Mar 19, 2019

    1. Rhys The Tour Guide

    Thanks gabo very cool.

    Mar 19, 2019

    1. Wilhelmina van den Berg

    Excellent! Super quirky and some delicious food recommendations along the way!!

    Mar 19, 2019

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