Open Eyed & Wide Awake: The Artisanal Coffee Crawl of Downtown Seattle

Seattle, WA

  • The cappuccino at Storyville.
  • Cappuccino from Monorail Espresso.
  • The early days of Monorail Espresso, with founder Chuck Beek pulling shots from his cart.
  • Espresso and club soda at Voxx.
  • The concrete facade outside of Voxx Coffee.
  • Beautiful, cozy Storyville interior.
  • Exterior of Storyville Coffee.
  • The One and One: a shot of espresso and a macchiato.
  • The Deconstructed Espresso + Milk: shot of espresso, glass of warmed whole milk, and a cortado
  • Baristas at work.
  • The Cortado at Elm Coffee Roasters.
  • A view of behind the counter.

2 hours
1.2 mi
Guided by Whit
Whit Kasetti


In a city that is synonymous with coffee culture, come explore the best that downtown Seattle has to offer. Whether you are an espresso aficionado or novice, join us as we visit a collection of five select "Third Wave" coffee artists. Along the way, we will discuss both the history of Seattle's caffeine scene and what to look for in a good cup of coffee. Guaranteed no Starbucks. We're heading to the best of the best.

About Your Guide

After a nomadic life cooking in top kitchens all over the west coast, I now call Seattle home. There is an incredible food scene here largely due to the convergence of different cultures, fresh local produce and seafood, and tech industry money. Luckily for me, it is both my job and obsession to know the local culinary scene. Let me show you my Seattle.

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Guide Points

  1. Monorail Espresso

    We begin our walk of downtown Seattle's best coffee houses with the most low key and informal of today's establishments. Monorail Espresso…

  2. Voxx Coffee

    Nestled in what looks like a drab cement office building is the 70s-esque, retro-hip Voxx Coffee shop.

  3. Storyville Coffee Company

    Despite its location in the base of the Alexis Hotel, Storyville Coffee serves one of the best cafe experiences in town.

  4. Cherry Street Coffee House

    In the bowels of a historic building (you can even find an antique bank vault downstairs) is the original Cherry Street Coffee House. Whil…

  5. Slate Coffee Roasters

    Slate Coffee Roasters may not look like much, but it is the avant-garde tinkerer of the coffee world, trailblazing past long-held assumptio…

  6. Elm Coffee Roasters

    Each neighborhood of Seattle has its own great, independent artisanal coffee house that the locals support religiously and the out-of-towne…

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