Inside MIT: Hidden Spaces & Student Pranks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Boston, MA

  • A picture perfect day on Killian Court. Photo: John Phelan.
  • The secret rooftop garden in Cambridge.
  • Google offices, clean labs and MIT alums share views of the Kendall Center Roof Garden.
  • Exterior of the Stata Center, from Vassar St. Photo: Juan Pablo Gutierrez.
  • The giant analog counting machine in the Stata Center.
  • MIThenge at the Infinite Corridor at MIT. Photo: Matt Yourst.
  • The Infinite Corridor at MIT.
  • A picture perfect day on Killian Court. Photo: John Phelan.
  • The Great Dome, hacked as R2D2 in 1999.
  • The Great Dome, as seen from the Barker Library.
  • Lobby 7 at MIT, facing the Infinite Corridor. Photo: Ho Yin Au.
  • "The Alchemist" by Jaume Plensa in front of the Stratton Student Center.
  • The sticky bun at Flour Bakery. Photo: Sobrina Tung.
  • The scene at Flour Bakery. Photo: Catherine Smart.
  • Harold "Doc" Edgerton's iconic photo shows the bullet's entry into the apple is as explosive as its exit.
  • One of the robots that greets you at the MIT Museum.
  • A scoop of B3 sits on the counter at Toscanini's. Photo: Cydney Scott.
  • Scoops of Gingersnap Molasses, Malted Vanilla and Cookie Dough. Photo: Gia K.

1 hour and 15 minutes
1.1 mi
Guided by Steve
Steve Fabregas


Whether you are a prospective student, a student, an alumnus or a mere mortal, MIT is worth exploring. The university's quantitative demeanor (all buildings are numbered, not named) is juxtaposed with flamboyant architecture, vibrant art and ambitious student pranks. Come on a walk of MIT's most famous buildings, secret enclaves and favorite hangouts. Along the way, we'll check out student life, architecture, city vistas, and sample the world's best sticky buns.

About Your Guide

I'm a fan of all things dim sum, interactive museums, trivia, sci-fi and the New York Giants. I have lived in Cambridge, MA for over a decade, but I still have some upstate New York roots in me.

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Guide Points

  1. Kendall Center Roof Garden

    Before we visit MIT, let's first get our bearings in this secret garden.

  2. Ray and Maria Stata Center

    Robert Campbell, the architecture columnist at the _Boston Globe,_ explains that the Stata Center:

  3. Infinite Corridor

    The Infinite Corridor is the informal name bestowed on the main thoroughfare that connects the eastern and western ends of campus - at leas…

  4. Sol LeWitt @ Condensed Matter Theory

    We find ourselves outside of the Condensed Matter Theory department. Head through the doors and proceed. Really. Go straight and find the r…

  5. Killian Court

    No visit to MIT is complete without seeing the quintessential view of MIT, with Great Dome looming over the Killian Court.

  6. The Great Dome

    Proceed into Baker Library past the front desk and wander into the dome. It stands with a 75-ft rotunda and 27-ft oculus.

  7. Lobby 7

    Lobby 7, named for its function in Building 7, is the main entrance to MIT. Another atrium with a skylight, Building 7 feels more like the …

  8. Stratton Student Center

    This cold, drab, soulless cement box is where the university permits its students to caffeinate, congregate in clubs and forage for food.

  9. Flour Bakery

    We end our walk of MIT at Flour Bakery, one of the most popular coffee spots near campus. You will often see students and professors in her…

  10. MIT Museum

    The MIT Museum celebrates the innovations and findings that the university has produced over the years, but does it in a fun, approachable,…

  11. Toscanini's Ice Cream

    MIT students are fortunate to have Toscanini's so close to campus. Others have to trek from the far reaches of the city to visit what _The …

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