Art Deco Gems Of Seattle

Seattle, WA

  • The Exchange Building in downtown Seattle.
  • Beautiful art deco elevator in the Exchange Building.
  • The Federal Office Building.
  • The Federal's backside, with the Exchange Building looming over it.
  • Seattle Tower's main entrance.
  • An elevator-filled lobby that was supposed to be inspired by an Egyptian tomb.
  • Terracotta details on the Olympic Tower.
  • Olympic Tower as seen from Macy's.

1 hour and 15 minutes
1.6 mi
Guided by Michiel

In Seattle's modern skyscraper-filled downtown, it seems like architectural heritage is few and far between. Most of it is just glass and steel (post-)modern rectangles. But look closely, and you will find some real Art Deco gems, full of detail and beauty. Many of them were the city's first skyscrapers, now dwarfed by newer, colder structures. We decided to put these architectural jewels on the map. Join us on a walk of Art Deco masterpieces in downtown Seattle and find out what makes them special.

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Guide Points
  1. Exchange Building
  2. Federal Office Building
  3. Seattle Tower
  4. 1411 4th Ave Building
  5. Olympic Tower
  6. Macy's

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