Community, Politics & Spray Paint: Street Art and Murals of the Mission District - South

San Francisco, CA

  • Former mural: "Native American" by Dina Saadi.
  • The mural painted on Coffee Mission.
  • Iced coffee and a chocolate chip walnut cookie.
  • Frida Kahlo by El Diore.
  • "Guard the Bridge" by the After Pint Crew.
  • Gang members come together to share commonalities while Mexican Revolucionarios, United Farm Workers and Brown Berets look on.
  • The controversial far right panel of "Solidarity."
  • A modern-day Ganesha with toothbrushes, umbrellas and vacuum cleaner.
  • Mario and Luigi by the Ex-Vandals.
  • Carnaval over the House of Brakes.
  • "Victorion: El Defensor de la Mision" by Sirron Norris.
  • "Manjushri" by Marta Ayala.
  • Inside Precita Eyes.
  • The exterior of Precita Eyes.
  • A Secret Breakfast special from Humphry Slocombe.

1 hour
0.7 mi
Guided by Jason
Jason Donahue


Ever since Diego Rivera introduced large-scale wall paintings to 1930s San Francisco, the city has served as an epicenter for mural art. More recently, an offshoot of the medium came to the forefront: aesthetic graffiti and street art. Come walk the streets and alleyways of the Mission District to see the works and hear the stories behind the best of San Francisco's uplifting, angry, political, peaceful, spiritual, satirical and complex urban art.

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I am all about exploring local history, architecture, food and art to learn about how places came to be. You can find me in search of hidden places, tasty dim sum, high-design speakeasies, skyline vistas and other ingredients to build the perfect day.

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Guide Points

  1. Coffee Mission

    Let's check out the mural on the side of Coffee Mission before we head inside for a snack.

  2. Osage Alley

    24th St is the main nexus for street art in the Mission. The murals were born in the alleys along this main artery of the Mission and event…

  3. Lilac Alley

    Glance back at the McDonalds to find that it has a mural to its side wall. Perhaps it is a good way to garner local goodwill, but it is als…

  4. Cypress Alley

    The first block of Cypress Alley only has a few murals. Feel free to breeze this block as you head north, but be sure to find:

  5. Carnaval Mural

    Known as _Golden Dreams of the Mission,_ the Carnaval mural located above the House of Brakes stands 24-feet tall and 75-feet wide. It was…

  6. Balmy Alley

    Though only one block long, Balmy Alley is the densest collection of street art in the city. The first murals appeared in Balmy Alley in 1…

  7. Precita Eyes Muralists

    The Precita Eyes non-profit that organizes the creation and restoration of many Mission murals.

  8. Humphry Slocombe

    If you need a little pick-me-up, Humphry Slocombe has everything you need.

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