The Foodie Walk of Chinatown LA: Old World Meets Contemporary Fusion

Los Angeles, CA

  • Bubble tea
  • King's Tea
  • The epic Beefy T bowl.
  • The steamed BBQ Pork Buns are well proportioned and delicious.
  • Look for the sun-faded sign.
  • You can count the layers in the pie crust.
  • The Eastern Gate of the New Chinatown Plaza
  • A giant slice of cake with almonds.
  • Look for the sign with the Chinese child.

1 hour and 30 minutes
0.6 mi
Guided by Ian
Ian Donahue


Stroll through Chinatown Los Angeles on a 5-stop exploration of the best eats of the neighborhood. You will discover the tastiest dim sum treats, egg custard tarts, tea and more. The goal is to try a little of everything, so bring your grazing appetite and aim to share with a friend! It's guaranteed you won't be hungry at the end!

About Your Guide

I am the head of product at a VR company, but in my free time, you can find me hiking to the Hollywood sign, ordering craft cocktails downtown, biking on the boardwalk in Santa Monica, and sampling bulgogi in Koreatown.

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Guide Points

  1. Ten Ren Tea

    Welcome to Chinatown! There is great food to be found in the neighborhood so I hope you are hungry. We'll talk more about the evolution o…

  2. Chego!

    Roy Choi is a hero of Asian fusion cuisine. His first enterprise was the Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck serving kimchi quesadillas and gochuja…

  3. Won Kok Restaurant

    There are two sections to Won Kok; we're heading to the bakery in front. The only thing better than a wide selection of tasty dim sum is t…

  4. Wonder Bakery

    Wonder Bakery sits on the main plaza of New Chinatown, which dates back to the 1930s. The site of the original Chinatown was re-appropriat…

  5. Phoenix Bakery

    This is the final stop of the tour and one of the absolute favorites. If you are full, you can easily take orders to go.

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