S'mores, Morning Bun Pastries & Espresso: A Foodie Walk Through the Mission District

San Francisco, CA

  • The S'more is flambeed in front of you with a blow-torch.
  • The Linea Caffe store front with lots of outdoor seating.
  • Macchiato.
  • The Rebel Within muffin popovers stand in line, ready to jump start your morning.
  • A runny egg hides within a savory muffin packed with sausage, green onion and asiago cheese.
  • The chef's sampler ($14) with a cacao spritzer, s'more, red velvet beet cake, huckleberry macaron, and nib-infused panna cotta with a cocoa toffee crisp.
  • The house hot chocolate ($5.75), with a small chocolate cookie and a homemade marshmallow.
  • The morning bun.
  • Treats behind the glass counter at Tartine.
  • A Single comes with 2 scoops - you choose your flavor.
  • The wait to place your order at Bi-Rite.

1 hour and 10 minutes
0.4 mi
Guided by Dave
Dave Hotchkiss


Valencia and 18th Streets represent the best of The Mission's culinary explosion of artisanal, farm-to-table, organic gastronomy. On this 5-stop Sidewalk, you will discover the best treats of the Mission's hipster cafes, French bakeries, chocolatiers and ice cream purveyors. The goal is to try a little of everything, so bring your grazing appetite and aim to share with a friend! It's guaranteed you won't be hungry at the end!

About Your Guide

Dave has lived in the Mission District for years and has explored his fair share of culinary establishments, from Michelin-starred kitchens to taco stands on the side of the road.

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Guide Points

  1. Linea Caffe

    At long last, we have a coffee destination! San Francisco is blessed with a number of outstanding purist coffee establishments. Four Barrel…

  2. Craftsman & Wolves

    Craftsman & Wolves serves what can be described as contemporary fusion pastries that combine the unimaginable.

  3. Dandelion Chocolate

    The people at Dandelion Chocolate are confectionary purists. Step inside to become a connoisseur of single origin chocolate - each morsel o…

  4. Tartine Bakery

    Tartine is the prototypical French bakery and patisserie. There is often a line out the door of this corner bakery, which is a sign of its …

  5. Bi-Rite Creamery

    Is there any better way to end a culinary tour than with ice cream? I didn't think so either. The following statement will incite some riot…

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