The Soul of Music City: Music Row | Presented by Mint House

  • Grab a seat on the piano bench next to Owen Bradley.
  • Johnny Cash in 1958 recording "I Still Miss Someone" in the Quonset Hut.
  • The original Quonset Hut with the house attached to the back.
  • Elvis recording in RCA Studio B in June 1958.
  • A recording console in RCA Studio B.
  • Webb Pierce's guitar-shaped swimming pool inspired the design of the pool at Spence Manor.
  • Autumn with the legendary Music Row producer in the Owen Bradley Park in Nashville.
  • The scandalous "Musica" statue on Music Row with its gathering of nude dancers.
  • The "Musica" statue in silhouette at sunset.
  • The Tomkat Sour at The Patterson House.
  • Heed the rules at The Patterson House closely. No one wants to be tossed out.
  • The medium spiced Hot Chicken with mac & cheese and cole slaw on the sides at Hattie B's Hot Chicken.
  • Chicken tenders and fries at Hattie B's Hot Chicken.

1 hour and 15 minutes
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Guided by Maria


Nashville is known as "Music City" in large part due to the country music institutions along Music Row. Since the 1950s, the recording studios and music labels in the Music Row district revitalized country music, transformed musicians into stars, and produced hit after hit. Come see where Owen Bradley shaped "the Nashville Sound," where Dolly Parton almost failed to record her first album, and where Elvis used to stay. Along the way, we'll visit memorials to past music heroes, enjoy a cocktail, and taste the best Nashville Hot Chicken in town.

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Guide Points

  1. The Quonset Hut Studio

    We begin our stroll of Music Row with the Quonset Hut Studio - appropriate since it was the first recording studio in the neighborhood and …

  2. RCA Studio B

    As they watched the spark of The Nashville Sound start to ignite, the Radio Corporation of America realized they needed a presence on Music…

  3. Spence Manor

    Today it is a condominium, but back in the day, Spence Manor at 11 Music Square East was a five-star hotel that catered to the out-of-town …

  4. Owen Bradley Park

    We find ourselves in Owen Bradley Park, named after the godfather of the Nashville Sound movement.

  5. "Musica" Statue

    The nine nude dancers across the street represent _Musica_ by local sculpture Alan LeQuire. This is easily the most scandalous and debated …

  6. The Patterson House

    Thirsty? Rather than slugging beers at a Music Row honky tonk, let's do something less expected and sip handcrafted cocktails.

  7. Hattie B's Hot Chicken

    It would be a sin to venture to Music Row and not visit Hattie B's Hot Chicken. Nashville invented the spicy chicken sandwich, and Hattie B…

Sidewalk Reviews

  1. 6 Reviews

    1. Jason

    I had no idea just how influential and important Music Row and Nashville was and still are for American music. I’ll be breathing fire the rest of the night thanks to Hattie B‘s, but very happily doing so. Looking forward to going on another of Maria’s Sidewalks.

    Apr 18, 2019

    1. Anonymous

    Thanks for a great tour!

    Feb 14, 2019

    1. Anonymous

    Nov 19, 2018

    1. Anonymous

    Jun 10, 2018

    1. Dave

    Apr 20, 2018

    1. Max

    Apr 17, 2018

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