New Culture in Old Madrid: From Goya & Egyptian Temples to Street Art & Urban Parks

  • Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in the Plaza de España. Photo: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra.
  • "The Third of May 1808" by Francisco Goya
  • "The Miracle of St. Anthony" by Goya.
 Photo: Biblioklept
  • The Segovia Viaduct. Photo: Luis García.
  • The Cafe del Nuncio near the base of the stairs. Photo: Jose Manuel Azcona.

1 hour and 22 minutes
4.0 mi
Guided by Just Traveler


Madrid offers a unique blend of environments to indulge your spirit of discovery. Within a short distance, we will walk through several neighborhoods to find some of my favorite places in the city. Join me as we discover an ancient Egyptian temple, works by Spain's favorite old master painter, a new parkland, and Madrid's best street art murals. I guarantee you will have a great time uncovering Madrid and its artistic community.

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Guide Points

  1. Plaza de España

    Let's start our tour of western Madrid and the Principe Pio Hill neighborhood in one of the most emblematic squares in Spain. Enjoy the peo…

  2. Templo de Debod & Parque del Oeste

    This is one of Madrid's tourist hotspots, so why did _we_ come here? Well, first of all, it's on the way to some miraculous frescoes and se…

  3. Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida

    This small and anonymous chapel dedicated to San Antonio from Padua boasts one of Francisco Goya's masterpieces. Head inside the free chape…

  4. Madrid Rio

    We now start the nature portion of our walk. The Madrid Rio project was launched in 2003 to revitalize the Manzanares River and to create a…

  5. Segovia Bridge

    We'll conclude our walk along the river with impressive views on the Royal Palace complex. Next up, we'll head east across the bridge towar…

  6. Segovia Viaduct & La Latina Neighborhood

    The bridge above us is the Segovia Viaduct. Prior to the first viaduct's completion in 1874, people had to teeter down the hill and climb t…

  7. Street Art in Lavapies

    Did you notice the change in the architecture and environment? We find ourselves in Lavapies, one of Madrid's most vibrant and multiethnic …

  8. Tabacalera & Muros Project

    When the old Tobacco Factory of Madrid closed in 2009, the building became an experiential public art institution.

  9. La Casa Encendida

    We end our tour with a visit to La Casa Encendida, a cultural arts space where you can see free exhibits, have a drink, check your email, o…

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