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  • Larimer Girl
  • The front facade of Epic Brewing.
  • The Baptist Beer Flight at Epic Brewing.
  • This is one of Mando Marie's most well known pieces.
  • Long exposure shot in front of the Mondo Marie mural.
  • IPAs at Ratio Beerworks.
  • The beauty of the pour at Ratio Beerworks.
  • This artist's name is mpek - known for fish letters.
  • Piece by local artist Casey Kawaguchi.
  • Larimer Boy
  • Larimer Girl from Across the street
  • Denver Central Market from the street.
  • The Ice “Kouign” Sandwich from High Point Creamery.
  • The Topo Design store from the street.
  • Interior of Topo Designs.
  • Storefront of Work & Class.
  • The Roasted Goat (Cabrito) at Work & Class.

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Where artists go, people follow. River North ("RiNo" to locals) was originally an industrial neighborhood filled with warehouses, factories and auto repair shops. When industry moved out in the late 80s, the neighborhood was left with vacant warehouses and failing infrastructure. Drawn to the grittiness, artists came to set up shop in 2005 and the RiNo Art District was born. Today, RiNo is home to some of Denver's best street art, breweries, restaurants, galleries and boutiques. Come explore the best of the best.

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Guide Points

  1. Epic Brewing Company

    Just about any good story starts with a beer... which brings us to Epic Brewing. This Denver institution hosts 25 taps and two beer engines…

  2. Mando Marie Mural

    RiNo is known for its street art. In some areas, it practically covers every surface.

  3. Ratio Beerworks

    Ratio Beerworks co-founder and Brewmaster Jason zumBrunnen and his team have set themselves apart in RiNo in several ways - not just with t…

  4. The Crushwalls Art Alley

    Take your time and just enjoy this outdoor gallery. It continues all the way down to 26th Street.

  5. Larimer Boy and Girl

    _Larimer Boy and Girl_ is a clever use of a building’s extruding fins - you can only observe the complete image by walking toward it from a…

  6. Denver Central Market

    Denver Central Market was spearheaded by Ken Wolf and restaurateur Jeff Osaka in 2016 and was a major step in establishing RiNo as the bust…

  7. Topo Designs

    You may have seen people today carrying around an old-school bag on their shoulders. Chances are, it was a Topo.

  8. Work & Class

    With a small space and no reservations, Work & Class can get packed quickly. The local move is to drop in at the end of happy hour and coas…

Sidewalk Reviews

  1. 3 Reviews

    1. Tiffany Juie

    Mar 6, 2019

    1. liz.riveron

    Bar Fausto is excellent and so is Nocturne for some jazz

    Jul 19, 2018

    1. Anonymous

    Jul 17, 2018

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