Capitol Hill: The Foundation of the Country

Washington, D.C.

  • The Capitol Building - a dominant position in the city
  • Republican National Committee Headquarters
  • Democratic National Committee Headquarters
  • Rayburn House Office Building
  • Longworth House Office Building
  • The Library of Congress seen from the Capitol Building
  • The grand lobby
  • Capitol Building East Front
  • Capitol Visitor Center
  • Folger Library exterior
  • Main exhibit hall
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • Columbus Circle and Union Station
  • Russell Senate Office Building
  • U.S. Postal Museum
  • Various means to deliver the mail

4 hours
2.9 mi
Guided by Gil

This walk is for anyone interested in national politics and how laws are made and judged. The Capitol Hill neighborhood, and indeed, the entire city, is anchored on the Capitol Building, the home of the U.S. Congress and Senate. Join us as we explore U.S. history, culture and architecture on our walk through federal institutions and fixtures of Capitol Hill.

About Your Guide
A native of Virginia, I am a seasoned international traveler, having lived in or traveled to over 60 countries. I enjoy bringing visitors to Washington's many famous historical, literary and artistic sites.

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Guide Points
  1. Political Party Offices
  2. House Office Buildings
  3. Library of Congress
  4. Capitol Building
  5. Folger Shakespeare Library
  6. Supreme Court Building
  7. Union Station
  8. U.S. Postal Museum

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