Historic Campus Tour of California State University - Channel Islands

  • Inside the John Spoor Broome Library.
  • Outside the John Spoor Broome library
  • The fountain at sunset.
  • Freshmen taking the dip in the fountain.

2.9 mi
Guided by CI Tour Team
matt hershberger


Come explore the history, architecture and student life of California State University - Channel Islands. While the school has a relatively short history, the area around campus celebrates centuries of history and evolutions. On this loop around campus, we'll visit the library, cafeteria, dorms, main center activity, and even a few special locations with historic or cultural significance. This is a great way to dip your feet into life at CSUCI.

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We are the CI Campus Tour Team!

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Guide Points

  1. California State University Channel Islands Sign

    This welcome sign for the California State University Channel Islands is one of the first sights when entering campus from University Dr.

  2. Sage Hall

    This is where you can find the student business services and financial aid office. It is usually one of the first stops since it is where p…

  3. John Spoor Broome Library

    In 1871, William Richard Broome purchased 23,000 acres of landing, creating Rancho Guadalasca. Years later, his grandson John Spoor Broome …

  4. Town Center

    Town Center is an upperclassmen housing building. The upper floors are dorms while the lower level features restaurants and shops.

  5. Malibu Hall

    Malibu Hall is the performing arts center of CI. Dance classes, choir practice and theater performances are some of the things that you mig…

  6. Islands Cafe

    Our campus is known for its efforts in sustainability, and that starts in the cafeteria.

  7. Bell Tower, CSUCI

    Bell Tower is the central building at Channel Islands and it serves as the symbol of the university.

  8. The Fountain

    There is a CSUCI tradition that centers on this fountain. All freshmen are supposed to dip their hand in the fountain. However, they cannot…

  9. Historical Boulder

    Few people know about this memorial because it is hidden behind Aliso Hall.

  10. Smokestack

    Given its Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and landscaping, and its proximity to Los Angeles, California State Uni…

  11. Hugh Adams M.D. Memorial Park

    On the northwest side of campus near El Dorado Hall you will find a quiet resting area that is perfect for mental breaks between classes.

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