Vice, Ghosts & Serial Killers: A Haunted Walk Through Pike Place Market

Seattle, WA

  • Princess Angeline walking the streets of 19th century Seattle.
  • Gunther Mannhalt in 1981.  Photograph by Natalie Fobes at The Seattle Times.
  • Today, the Seattle Shirt Company stands in the place of the International Donut House.
  • Linda Hazzard's Washington State Penitentiary mug shots (from the Washington State Archives)
  • The LaSalle Hotel to the left of the "Public Market Center" sign.
  • The Green River Killer, Gary Ridway.  Photo: Elaine Thompson / AP file
  • The bar at Il Bistro.
  • Medical tents set up in Seattle during the Spanish Flu outbreak.  Photo: Leonard Garfield.
  • The ramp down towards the former stables.
  • Princess Angeline circa 1893.  Photographed by Frank La Roche
  • Princess Angeline at her cabin. Photographed by Edward Curtis. (University of Washington Library)
  • Heaven's Gate cult leader Marshall Applewhite.
  • Edgar Ray Butterworth sits in his funeral home office.  Photo: Bert Butterworth.
  • A pasty at Kells.
  • The E.R. Butterworth funeral home chapel.
  • The entrance to Sonya's.

2 hours and 15 minutes
0.4 mi
Guided by Damien
Damien Cassavetes


Walk through one of the seemingly wholesome, quaint parts of Seattle in search of the macabre, the supernatural and the unresolved. Prepare yourself for stories of spite, gruesome murder and mischief. The spirits of Pike Place Market haunt stores, restaurants, hallways and bars. Come explore how the evolution of the market created an ensemble of beings that still torment from beyond the grave. Warning: not appropriate for kids.

About Your Guide

Stories of the gruesome, unsolved and occult seem to chase me. In college, I majored in history, with a focus on 19th-century American medicine and disease. Now I write crime and suspense novels. In my research over the years, I uncovered stories about murder, paranormal sightings, witchcraft, cults and spirits. Much of it can be explained away with science but other things remain a mystery. I will admit that exploring the dark side of life has become a bit of a side passion for me. Hopefully you find it just as interesting. Check out my series of haunted walks in three cities so far: New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle.

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Guide Points

  1. The Former International Donut House

    Why are we standing in front of a souvenir shop? The tchotchkes (and their prices) may be scary in their own unique ways, but we come for …

  2. LaSalle Hotel

    In 1908, Seattle resident Linda Hazzard published a book called _Fasting for the Cure of Disease._ She was neither a doctor nor a scientis…

  3. Il Bistro

    Given its location, Il Bistro is a surprisingly formal Italian restaurant. For tonight, pass on the white table cloths and proper dinner a…

  4. Horse Stables of Pike Place

    As the town's population swelled, Seattle had to build more infrastructure to support it. There was a quick expansion in roads, markets, h…

  5. Princess Angeline

    Before 1852, this area was known by the nearby Suquamish and Duwamish Indian tribes as _Zechalalitch,_ or "little crossing-over place." Ca…

  6. Heaven's Gate Tile

    While walking around the market, you may have noticed that most of the tiles below your feet are inscribed with names. In the mid 80s, the…

  7. Kells Irish Restaurant & Bar

    Edgar Ray Butterworth was originally a furniture maker in Central Washington who sold goods throughout the state. His business transformed…

  8. Sonya's Bar & Grill

    Despite it's prime location, the space now occupied by Sonya's had been vacant for the better part of two decades. It was not for lack of …

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