A Local’s Guide to Downtown Cape May: Curious Tales and Insider Tips

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  • The new bandstand was built in 2016.
  • The original bandstand  was made of wood.
  • Historic markers are all over Cape May.
  • The Robert Shackleton Playhouse.
  • The Cape May Welcome Center in the 1970's.
  • "Winter Station" was owned by the Reading Railroad.
  • "Summer Station" was located just outside of town.
  • Our Lady Star of the Sea
  • The original St. Mary's church was built in 1848.
  • Another historic marker hides in the alley
  • Dr. Edgar Arthur Draper
  • The iconic Ugly Mug bar
  • Mug club glasses hang from the ceiling
  • Congress Hall has been welcoming guests since 1978.
  • Congress Hall's "Hallway of History"
  • The "Pink House"
  • Artistic millwork porch details
  • 1972 - The first bed and breakfast in Cape May
  • The "new" Mainstay Inn on Columbia Ave.
  • The original Iron Pier.
  • Cape May's Victorian promenade.
  • Stockton Row Cottages
  • The Stockton Hotel
  • The Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast
  • The original Columbia Hotel
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Stained glass window memorials
  • The Empress is a private residence.
  • It has been completely renovated.

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Guided by Curious Cape May
Curious Cape May


Cape May is well-known for its Victorian roots and beautiful beaches, but over the years it has grown into a hotbed of cultural spots, boutique shops, and artisanal food and beverage experiences. Join us as we walk the downtown district. We will explore the town’s curious past, visit some of our favorite places, wander past historic buildings, and discover some of the best vistas in town. And along the way, we'll share insider tips to help you make the most out of your stay in Cape May.

About Your Guide

Hi there! I'm Wendy, co-founder of Curious Cape May. I came to Cape May four years ago to start a new chapter in my life. When I'm not riding my bike around town, or enjoying live music with a cold cocktail, you will likely find me at The Mission Inn, Cape May's top-rated bed and breakfast and the product of my mid-life crisis! :-) Curious Cape May is a unique tour company that we started to be able to share our passion for the incredible history of the nation’s first seaside resort. We invite you to take our free walking tour to discover some of Cape May’s hidden stories about its curious past. I look forward to showing you around this amazing town!

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Guide Points

  1. Cape May Rotary Park

    Situated at the end of Lafayette Street, the main road into town, Rotary Park provides the perfect spot for summer concerts, festivals, and…

  2. Cape May Stage

    Cape May Stage is a professional equity theater housed in the Robert Shackleton Playhouse. The company produces five plays a year in additi…

  3. Elaine's Boutique Hotel

    Elaine's is a boutique hotel best known for its unique and kitschy dinner theater. The Food Network named it one of the Top 5 dinner theate…

  4. Cape May Welcome Center

    Cape May has not had a passenger train service in or out of town since 1982, but for almost a century before that, the Reading Railroad shu…

  5. Our Lady Star of the Sea Church

    Known as "the church on the mall", Our Lady Star of the Sea is a Roman Catholic Church that marks the entryway to the Washington Street Mal…

  6. Edgar Arthur Draper Historic Marker

    This marker pays tribute to Edgar Arthur Draper - the namesake of "Draper Walk", and one of Cape May's prominent African-American physician…

  7. The Ugly Mug

    For something with more substance than fudge, stop into our next location - the iconic Ugly Mug bar. You will find good bar food, cold beer…

  8. Fishermen's Memorial


  9. Congress Hall

    Congress Hall is one of Cape May’s oldest hotels. What started as a simple boarding house by the sea in 1816 has become one of the most his…

  10. Eldridge Johnson House

    This historic Gingerbread house is known as the Eldridge Johnson House, but the locals call it the "Pink House." It currently houses a mode…

  11. The George Baum House

    Known today as the George Baum House, the Edwardian style structure at 24 Jackson Street is in the heart of the historic district on Jackso…

  12. Iron Pier Craft House

    Just past the old-fashioned arcade, on the corner of Beach Ave and Decatur Street, look across the street to find the historic building tha…

  13. John Wesley Inn

    The John Wesley Inn located at 30 Gurney Street is one of the original Stockton Row cottages. Built in 1869 as part of the grand Stockton …

  14. The Queen Victoria Bed & Breakfast

    The Queen Victoria, situated at 102 Ocean Street, is currently a 35-room bed and breakfast composed of four buildings—The Queen Victoria, P…

  15. First Presbyterian Church of Cape May

    This beautiful stone building with the bright red door houses the First Presbyterian Church of Cape May.

  16. The Empress

    This was once one of Cape May’s historic bed and breakfasts called the Bell Shields House. Today, the 8 bedroom, 8 bath private home recent…

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