Dutch Apple Pie, Anne Frank's Home & Tulips in Bloom | A Walk of Historic Amsterdam: West


  • Bloemenmarkt Flower Market floats on the Singel canal.
  • Muntplein as it looks today. Photo: Le Monde1.
  • An illustration of Mint Tower before it partially burnt down and lost its designation as a guard tower.
  • Tulips for sale at the Flower Market.
  • "The Tulip Trade."  Painting by an unknown artist around 1650.
  • De Kaaskamer cheese shop facade.  Photo: Cheese 'n Crackers Collective.
  • Inside De Kaaskamer cheese shop.  Photo: Babyccino.
  • Westerkerk at sunset.  Photo: Ana Poga'ar.
  • Anne Frank's memorial next to Westerkerk.  Photo: Luca Messina.
  • The exterior of the Anne Frank House and museum.  Photo: Emma Creese.
  • The interior of the Anne Frank House.  The Secret Annex are the top three floors in the building on the right.  Photo: Anne Frank House.
  • A slice of apple pie at Cafe Papeneiland.
  • The rustic interior of Cafe Papeneiland. Photo: Frans Lemmens.

1 hour and 15 minutes
1.4 mi
Guided by Senna
Senna De Vries


Walk the canals and squares of Amsterdam to explore the history, architecture and local culture. Join me on an exploration of flowers, cafes, cheese and the best Dutch Apple Pie in the world. We'll also visit Anne Frank's home where she and her family hid during WWII. This is the definitive walk of Amsterdam. This western walk of the Amsterdam pairs nicely with my other walk, "Canal Bridges, Clock Towers & Red Light Windows: A Walk of Historic Amsterdam: East."

About Your Guide

I grew up in Haarlem, but have lived in Amsterdam for most of my life. Things I love: oversized sweaters on cold damp days, cold-pressed vegetable juices, singing out loud when I'm 99% sure no on can hear me. Travel bucket list: African safari to see the elephants, Bhutan to visit cliffside monasteries, Shanghai to explore the French Concession.

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Guide Points

  1. Mint Square & Munttoren

    Welcome to Muntplein (or Mint Square), named after the Munttoren to Mint Tower that stands in the city. The entire square connects six str…

  2. Bloemenmarkt Flower Market

    Bloemenmarkt is the only floating flower market in the world and has been moored here in the Singel canal since 1862. Though the market ha…

  3. De Kaaskamer

    De Kaaskamer is a boutique cheese shop that caters more to locals than tourists in terms of quality, variety and price.

  4. Westerkerk (Western Church)

    We find ourselves at the largest of Amsterdam's religious monuments: Western Church. Completed in 1631, Westerkerk remains the tallest bui…

  5. Anne Frank House

    Despite declaring neutrality when World War II erupted, the Netherlands succumbed to Germany and was occupied by Nazi soldiers.

  6. Café Papeneiland

    Welcome to Café Papeneiland, one of the oldest in the city, dating back to 1642. The wood-paneled walls, blue and white Delft tiles, and a…

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