Street Art Murals & Vinyl Tunes in the East Village Arts District, Long Beach

Los Angeles, CA

  • Another person flies off with the household effects. Photo: Gary Shum.
  • Espresso and fizzy water served with a surfing-inspired mellowness. Photo: Lord Windsor.
  • The theme of the day: Surf Wax & Coffee Chaff. Photo: Lord Windsor.
  • Gail Werner's mural on the Super Suds Laundromat.
  • Fun mural by Bumblebeelovesyou.
  • "Flying Morrison" (2013) by Jim Coke.
  • There are live shows  at Fingerprints from time to time. Photo: Fingerprints.
  • The scene inside Fingerprints.
  • The classic Old Fashioned. Photo: The Blind Donkey Long Beach.
  • Ryan Gosling playing at The Blind Donkey in "La La Land."

1 hour and 30 minutes
1.0 mi
Guided by Robyn
Robyn Feeley


Artist paint, surfer wax and small business optimism bubbles up from the lofts and Craftsman bungalows of the East Village Arts District. This is the epicenter of all things hip in Long Beach: designer denim boutiques, street art, used bookshops and organic juice bars. Come on a walk of the must-see East Village Arts District. We'll start with freshly roasted coffee, check out a few of my favorite murals, visit one of SoCal's last great record shops and end at an underground whiskey bar. This is a taste of real culture in Long Beach.

About Your Guide

I am a Long Beach, CA based painter and I love creating whimsical art that is inspired by the Day of the Dead. My studio assistant, Joseph, has 4 legs and a furry tail. He keeps me in line. One other thing about me: I previously owned a cafe and served as a private chef, so trust that I know good food!

Where to Stay

If you are looking for a place to stay in Long Beach, I am an Airbnb superhost. Tap on the circle to check out the perfect oasis, "Bungalow des Artiste'."

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Guide Points

  1. Lord Windsor Coffee

    Let's start our walk at our favorite coffeeshop in town. It just so turns out that Lord Windsor is everyone else's favorite cafe too.

  2. Mural on the Super Suds Laundromat

    As we make our way into the heart of the East Village Art District, you'll notice a bunch of massive-scale street art murals. The local org…

  3. Murals of Frontenac Court

    We're here to check out three fantastic murals on Frontenac Court. After studying _Flying Morrison,_ head up the block to find the northern…

  4. Fingerprints Music

    Fingerprints is _the_ hipster record store of the East Village Arts District, and it is legit. This is the kind of place that the uber-cool…

  5. Blind Donkey

    The Blind Donkey is one of the best nightspots in the East Village.

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