Healthy Food Tour of Greenwich Village: Vegan Tex Mex, Coconut Froyo & Artisanal Coffee

New York City

  • The quinoa taco salad, sweet potato fries and vegan hotdog. Photo: Angelina Jolin.
  • The farmer's market in Union Square. Photo: zyxwvvwxyz
  • Sourdough, baguettes, multi-grain and more form the She Wolf Bakery. Photo: She Wolf Bakery.
  • The prepared foods at Hu Kitchen. Photo: Fiorella DiCarlo.
  • Order on the first floor and then head upstairs to the seating area at Hu Kitchen. Photo: Alex Reichek.
  • The barista pours a cold brew coffee from the draft. Photo: Stumptown.
  • Stumptown Coffee at 8th St. Photo: JD DiGiovanni.
  • The natural sweets at LifeThyme list all the ingredients and health information. Photo:  Sarah Mai.
  • The exterior of LifeThyme.
  • Indoor and outdoor dining at by Chloe. Photo: Anne De Buck.

1 hour
1.4 mi
Guided by Travelling Dietitian
Kara Landau


For healthy foodies wanting all the insider tips from a local downtown NYC dietitian - this one's for you. You'll be shown hidden gems that will make your taste buds go wild and leave you feeling energised and nourished! Organic fruit and vegetable markets, coconut yoghurt with paleo chocolate, quality coffee, vegan Buddha bowls, superfood infused smoothies, top quality Mexican food, unique health food shops and more! You won't believe how much healthy deliciousness is right around the corner.

About Your Guide

I’m Kara Landau aka “Travelling Dietitian” – I am a curious minded, world exploring, nutrient dense food lover and dietitian. I'm an Australian living in downtown Manhattan so I bring a global perspective to nutrition, health and life!

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Guide Points

  1. Union Square Greenmarket

    Four days a week, local farmers come to Union Square to sell their organic, sustainable and natural cheese, apple cider, flowers, heirloom …

  2. Hu Kitchen

    If you are looking for a Paleo mecca, search no further. The Hu Kitchen only uses organic, unprocessed, grass-fed, free trade and pronounce…

  3. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

    Quality coffee...need I say more?

  4. LifeThyme Natural Market

    LifeThyme is both a natural food market and an apothecary of vitamins, supplements, tea and health tonics. And if you head up a level, you'…

  5. by CHLOE.

    By Chloe serves vegan, healthy fast food in an impeccably decorated setting. Get in line on the "savory" side of the eatery.

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