Micro Brews, Bourbon & Burlesque: A Selective Pub Crawl of the Lower East Side

New York, NY

  • The burlesque show at Nurse Bettery
  • The line up of taps at Marshall Stack.
  • The seasonal Pimm's Cup with strawberry & mint, Pimm's, Cointreau and fresh lime juice.
  • Two fish tacos.  one grilled, one crispy.
  • The communal tables at Spitzer's.
  • The handsome bar at Spitzer's.
  • The scene at the Whiskey Ward.
  • The bar scene at Nurse Betty.

2 hours
0.4 mi
Guided by Alexis

So you are heading out for a night on the town in the Lower East Side. Let's skip the loud, pretentious I-just-got-my-first-paycheck-let's-get-drunk crowd and see what this neighborhood has to offer. We've got a finely curated collection of five establishments lined up, from craft beer to whiskey flights to inventive cocktails. And there will even be a burlesque show, because, why not? Bring along some cash, your ID and a friend for what is guaranteed to be a memorable night.

About Your Guide
If you need a trivia-night ringer for pop culture, British rock bands or NHL hockey, I am your girl. Ad agency designer by day, barre instructor by night, urban forager on weekends. New York is my city - I have a good handle on what's worth seeing.

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Guide Points
  1. Marshall Stack
  2. No Fun
  3. Spitzer's Corner
  4. Whiskey Ward
  5. Nurse Betty

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