Mass Hysteria, Torture & Harbingers of Doom: Hauntings of The Salem Witch Trials

Boston, MA

1 hour
0.8 mi
Guided by Jillian
Jillian Bogardus


In 1692, the quiet Puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts was rocked by one of the most infamous and terrifying waves of mass hysteria in US history. Mysterious happenings in the woods around town fueled rumors of devil worshipping and hexes. Neighbors accused each other of witchcraft as the town elders sought answers. In the aftermath of the Salem Witch Trials, 20 people were killed, more than 100 imprisoned, and a town was left permanently haunted by residual spirits. Come see the sites, stories and ghosts of the Salem Witch Trials.

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I'm a biologist by trade, skeptic by nature, and lover of stories featuring the occult, macabre and cryptic. There is nothing like a great crime story or murder mystery. You can blame it on my New Orleans roots or my pre-med background. Aside from that, I'm totally normal. I swear.

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Guide Points

  1. Salem Witch Trials Memorial

    We begin our walk of black magic, witch hunts and paranoia at the end. This set of stone walls serves as the memorial to each fatality of t…

  2. The Old Burying Point: The Hanging Judge

    Here lies the body of Judge John Hathorne, a local magistrate chosen by the Governor to preside over the pre-trials of the accused witches.…

  3. Joshua Ward House

    On this site once stood the house of Sheriff George "The Strangler" Corwin - one of the cruelest and most sadistic figures in the whole of …

  4. The Lyceum / Turner's Seafood

    The land on which you stand once belonged to Bridget Bishop - one of the first people accused in the Salem Witch Trials. Bishop owned sever…

  5. Howard Street Cemetery

    All of the victims of the Witch Trials were held in the old Salem jail. While the jail no longer stands, the rolling cemetery that stood be…

  6. The Hawthorne Hotel

    Opened in 1925 when the town was keen to distance itself from witches and ghosts, the Hawthorne Hotel has failed to escape the shadow of Sa…

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