Fresh Donuts, Local Cheese & A Splash of Color: A Stroll Down Main Street Tannersville NY

  • The pharmacy in its colorful glory. Photo: The Hunter Foundation.
  • Bacon covered glazed. Classic. Photo: Emily Sundberg.
  • A Boston Cream Pie donut accompanied by a house brew coffee. Photo: Anna McClown.
  • A taxidermy parakeet prepares to take flight. Photo: Bones and Stones
  • Black bear skull mounted on driftwood. Photo: Bones and Stones.
  • The epic cheese counter. Photo: Last Chance Antiques & Cheese Café.
  • The French onion soup at Last Chance. Photo: nichthyosaur.
  • The black & white entrance to the tasting room. Photo: Hudson-Chatham Winery.
  • The Baco Noir, 88 points from Wine Enthusiast. Photo: Hudson-Chatham Winery.
  • Every building a different color. Photo: Tannersville.
  • Study the detail work of the Gingerbread style houses along Main St. Photo: Phil Haber.
  • Antique Hobby Horse from 1894. Photo: Tannersville Antiques and Artisan's Center
  • 19th-century Ferguson Oil Lamps. Photo: Tannersville Antiques and Artisan's Center.
  • Nomad's "Rip Van Winkle" Mural. Photo: Tannersville.
  • The El Nino Burger. 2 patties, jack cheese, pico de gallo, chipotle mayo, guacamole, jalapeño bacon. Photo: Mama's Boy.
  • Frozen yogurt smothered in sprinkles. Photo: Mama's Boy.

1 hour and 15 minutes
0.3 mi
Guided by George
George Lewis


In the heart of the Catskill Mountains, just two hours from New York City, lies the polychromatic gem of Tannersville, “The Painted Village in the Sky.” The town can't help but celebrate the heritage of its 1895 founding or the charm of its technicolor makeover. But there's a palatable buzz that goes beyond the Main Street facades. Come on my Sidewalk of Main Street to gain a sense of the Tannersville allure. Along the way, we'll nibble local cheese, visit Hudson Valley artisans, sip Pinot Noir and explore the quirks of the town.

About Your Guide

Internationally acclaimed British artist living in New York. Painter, photographer and lecturer with exhibits in the US, Europe and Middle East. Most importantly, father of two wonderful children.

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I'm an Airbnb host just minutes away from Tannersville and would love to host you. Tap on the circle to see my charming get away in the Catskills Mountains.

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Guide Points

  1. Twin Peaks

    We begin our walk of Main Street at one of my favorite spots: Twin Peaks, or as my kids like to refer to it, "the Doughnut Shop." These are…

  2. Bones & Stones

    Words won't do this place justice. You just have to see it firsthand.

  3. Last Chance Antiques & Cheese Café

    Since 1971, Last Chance has run a country store and a restaurant from the center of town. I suspect it has been around so long because ever…

  4. Hudson-Chatham Winery

    In a town of color, the black and white facade of the Hudson-Chatham Winery sticks out. Head inside for a tasting. It's a lovely process to…

  5. Say What? Art Gallery

    Tannersville owes a debt of gratitude to Say What?. Each show at this contemporary art gallery pairs visual arts with the written word, mos…

  6. Tannersville Antiques and Artisan's Center

    For centuries, the Catskills has maintained a reputation for quality handicrafts, and this is the place to see them. The Tannersville Antiq…

  7. Rip Van Winkle Mural

    Rip Van Winkle sleeps before you on the side of the antique store. It's big, it's fun, it looks a bit like Gandolf if he were shrunken to h…

  8. Mama's Boy Burgers

    This is the perfect place to end. Mama's Boy Burgers attracts people from all over New York who seek the perfect burger. Everything at this…

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