Panoramas Then Pints. But First, Coffee. An Insider's Guide to the Marina Waterfront

San Francisco, CA

  • The rotunda at the Palace of Fine Arts.
  • The Orrery, which features all the planets visible from Earth with the unaided eye.
  • Welcome to The Interval.
  • Views of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Marina Green
  • Succulent garden on the way to the Marina Green
  • Donut tower of triumph
  • Vanilla Bean donut and a macchiato
  • Side view of St. Francis Yacht Club
  • Front view of St. Francis Yacht Club
  • "Wait, I thought that the ocean was that way."
  • This way to the Wave Organ.
  • This way to Peter Thiel's place.
  • View of Peter Thiel's House.
  • Dark Sarcasm porter at Sessions
  • Welcome to Sessions

2 hours and 30 minutes
2.7 mi
Guided by Corey


Take in the gorgeous skyline vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Marina Green and rest your legs while indulging in artisanal donuts, craft beer, and other mouthwatering treats. Get an insider’s perspective of the significance of Fort Mason and the Palace of Fine Arts that even locals are unaware of. Come discover the gems of the Marina Waterfront.

About Your Guide

Hi, I'm Corey. I like sporting bow ties, but I'd rather be wearing my backpack, getting lost in the winding alleys of a place I've never been, while eating a donut. San Francisco is my home, although I've lived in Paris, Austin, and Santa Barbara. I've traveled all around the world, my most recent trip was to Sri Lanka and the Maldives with my wife, Myriah. I like parentheses (most excellent for interjecting trivial thoughts), I played soccer in college (but, now I just yell at the TV while watching it), and will eat any street food I encounter (yes, that includes rotten things, bugs, the occasional snake heart, and of course . . . durian).

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Guide Points

  1. The Interval

    Welcome to The Interval, in the heart of historic Fort Mason. Before you order a coffee (or cocktail if you’re in the mood) take a look aro…

  2. The Marina Green

    As you approach this 74-acre expanse of grass, with 360 degree views of the sailboats gliding across the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, Al…

  3. Dynamo Donuts

    There are two Dynamo Donut locations in San Francisco. The one directly in front of you, and the original in the Mission. These donuts boas…

  4. St. Francis & Golden Gate Yacht Clubs

    While these two yacht clubs are only a 5 minute walk from each other, they are fathoms apart. In the 70’s dues at Golden Gate were $25 a mo…

  5. The Wave Organ

    The Wave Organ is a wave activated acoustic sculpture developed by Peter Richards and master stone mason George Gonzales in the mid 80’s. T…

  6. The Palace Of Fine Arts

    After the devastation of the 1906 earthquake, San Francisco was eager to show the world that it had recovered in a beautiful way. In 1910, …

  7. Sessions at the Presidio

    Enjoying a cold beer on a beautiful afternoon is hard to beat, especially at a place like Sessions. As you walk in you’ll notice the balanc…

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