Boutiques & Bites in Chinatown: Soup Dumplings, Black Sesame Ice Cream & Luxury Chopsticks

New York City

  • The wall of chopsticks at Yunhong.
  • The action inside of Taipan Bakery. Photo: gamerogomez.
  • The action outside of Taipan Bakery. Photo: phoptahgraphy.
  • Soup dumplings at Shanghai Cuisine.
  • Bowls of almond cookie and taro ice cream. With chocolate Pocky, of course. Photo: lilianyeung
  • Co-owner Cristina Seid. Photo: Giant Robot Media.
  • A shopper inspects a catalog of handbags. Photo: Dina Litovsky.
  • Shelves of dried goodies at Po Wing Hong.
  • Sea cucumber at Po Wing Hong.

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Guided by Ask Adam
Adam Perabo


As the head concierge of Hotel 50 Bowery, I spend a decent amount of time eating, shopping and exploring Chinatown. This Sidewalk guides you to my favorite spots in the neighborhood. Come on a walk to find a specialty chopstick boutique, a traditional Chinese market and maybe even a counterfeit handbag vendor. Along the way, we'll sample barbecue pork buns, Chinese cookies, soup dumplings and Asian ice cream flavors. Whether you live in New York or are just passing through, you're guaranteed to travel somewhere new in Chinatown.

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Concierge at Hotel 50 Bowery. Lover of New York, classic hats, street art and sticky rice. @askadamnyc

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Guide Points

  1. Tai Pan Bakery

    The Tai Pan bakery is the top bakery in Chinatown. Nowhere else has the diversity or quality. At any given moment, there are more than a do…

  2. Shanghai Cuisine

    Shanghai Cuisine isn't the most authentic looking of Chinese restaurants (though I personally like the red lanterns). What it lacks in aest…

  3. Yùnhóng Chopsticks

    As the name implies, this tiny boutique sells only one object, but it has one of the widest variety of artisanal chopsticks you will find a…

  4. The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

    This is a Chinatown institution. I tell everyone to come here. Nowhere else can you find an ice cream shop that makes quirky Chinese ice cr…

  5. Handbag Vendors of Canal Street

    On the southern and northern side of Canal Street, you might see middle-aged Chinese women, often wearing ball caps, standing on the side o…

  6. Po Wing Hong Food Market

    We conclude our tour of Chinatown with a visit to one of the most authentic stores in the neighborhood.

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