Ballston Reinvented: Redefining Life, Work, & Play

Washington, D.C.

  • Ballston Quarter's Plaza. Photo by @Lab_indc @mahan_rykiel @davidmadisonphotography.
  • Oakland Park's majestic tree. Photo by @kstutts.
  • “Ridge,” by artist Foon Sham, in Oakland Park. Photo by @mikeywl.
  • Historical marker for the Maury School. Photo by @carusorobert.
  • An installation at Arlington Arts Center of works by Fabiola Alvarez Yurcisin. Photo by Dawn Whitmore.
  • Bright and early at the clock tower. Photo by @mikeywl.
  • Fountains at the clock tower. Photo by @klpowell2.
  • Beach volleyball courts at Quincy Park. Photo by @thatsbeesvolleyball.
  • Baksetball courts and wide open spaces. Photo by @kumatron.the.shiba.
  • Central Library in the snow. Photo by @arlingtonvalib.
  • Interior of bridge. Photo by @thumeco.
  • Exterior of bridge from Wilson Blvd. Photo by @thumeco.
  • Ballston Quarter's Plaza. Photo by @Lab_indc @mahan_rykiel @davidmadisonphotography.

1 hour and 30 minutes
1.4 mi
Guided by Katy
Katy Lang


Not far from Washington DC, Arlington's Ballston neighborhood is reinventing itself. Home to the Washington Capitals (hockey's 2018 Stanley Cup champions) and technology giants like Amazon Web Services, Ballston in the last few years has grown into a neighborhood where people live, work, and play. This walk will take you through Ballston’s journey of evolution, including visits to mainstays like Quincy Park (Arlington’s ‘Central Park’) and newcomers like Ballston Quarter.

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Katy has lived car-free in the DC area since 2010 and is passionate about finding great running routes and safety for people walking. She’s also a sunshine enthusiast, Spanish language learner, cat cuddler, and cheese addict. She is currently the Program Director for Active Transportation in Arlington.

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Guide Points

  1. Oakland Park

    Oakland Park is a neighborhood gem for play and green space. It’s close to the Virginia Square-GMU Metro Station, which means that many peo…

  2. Arlington Arts Center

    What a gem to have the Arlington Arts Center (AAC) in this neighborhood.

  3. Latitude Apartments / The Clock Tower

    On our way to the Latitude Apartments, pause near the Clock Tower adjacent to the Virginia Square Metro Station. The small plaza with the t…

  4. Quincy Park

    This is Arlington’s urban ‘Central Park.’ It looks nothing like the better-known Central Park in New York City, right?

  5. Central Library

    Central Library is awesome! If you live in Arlington, odds are you’ve been to this library branch before.

  6. Ballston Pedestrian Bridge

    The Ballston Pedestrian Bridge connects the Ballston Metro Station (one of Arlington’s busiest, with over 10,000 boardings per day) with ad…

  7. Ballston Quarter

    This space used to look _so_ different. It was originally a standard mall with big, blank, boxy walls. Now it’s an inviting space with lots…

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