Whimsy & Caprice - A Tour of Prague's Humorous Public Art & Sculptures

  • Inside the Spanish Synagogue.

1 hour and 30 minutes
2.7 mi
Guided by Julie
Julie Penner


Prague is a town bursting with statues. Most of them honor Czech heroes of days past, but more recently, local sculptors, led by David Černý changed the tone from reverence to ridicule. Today we will explore my favorite non-obvious examples of Prague's satirical, goofy, unexpected and crass statues and public art. We're on a mission to find artwork dangling from above, hanging upside down, revolving in-motion and leaking.

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Guide Points

  1. The Pissing Lords Statue

    We begin our walk at _Piss,_ a thoughtfully titled sculpture by Czech artist and humorist David Černy.

  2. Memorial to Franz Kafka

    The _Memorial to Franz Kafka_ was sculpted by Jaroslav Róna in 2003.

  3. Suspended Sigmund Freud Statue

    Look up - the statue is easy to miss!

  4. Franz Kafka Monument

    We walk the back streets to find another Cerny sculpture. This 45-ton monument to Kafka spins irregularly on 42 independent levels, changin…

  5. The Hanging Horse in Lucerna Arcade

    This is the only indoor statue on our walk today. In the atrium of the Lucerna Arcade sits King Wenceslas on a horse... though you might no…

  6. Odborů 278/6

    Hang in there! Czech artist Michal Trpak created a larger collection of corporate lofters called _Slight Uncertainty._

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