Block Walk Little Italy: Cannoli, Mozzarella & the Mafia

New York City

  • The Alleva Dairy at the corner of Grand and Mulberry.
  • Side view of the lobster tail at Ferrara.
  • The artful shot of espresso at Ferrara.
  • Hundred-year old tilework on the walls at Alleva.
  • An organ grinder with monkey.
  • John Gotti's mug shot when he was arrested in 1990.
  • Original tile floors from the Knights of Alto Social Club.
  • The coal-fired over at Lombardi's.
  • Lombardi's pizzeria at the corner of Spring and Mott.

30 minutes
0.4 mi
Guided by Alexis
Alexis Johnson


Few neighborhoods have had as much of an imprint on the fabric of New York as Little Italy. As the preferred district for newly arrived Italian immigrants in the 19th century, Little Italy became a center of cultural, culinary and eventually, criminal organizations. Join us on a quick exploration of the essential Little Italy. Along the way, we’ll tell stories of bakers, cheesemongers, pizza pioneers and ruthless mafiosos.

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If you need a trivia-night ringer for pop culture, British rock bands or NHL hockey, I am your girl. Ad agency designer by day, barre instructor by night, urban forager on weekends. New York is my city - I have a good handle on what's worth seeing.

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Guide Points

  1. Ferrara Bakery

    Antonio Ferrara started Cafe A. Ferrara in 1892 so he and his friends would have a place to to sip espresso and play Skopa (an Italian card…

  2. Alleva Dairy

    Pina Alleva immigrated to New York from Benevento, Italy (an hour east of Naples) in 1892. After quick success in selling her homemade rico…

  3. The Ravenite Social Club

    The Cydwoq shoe boutique is the current tenant of what used to be the Ravenite Social Club, headquarters of the Gambino mafia family.

  4. Lombardi Pizza

    Lombardi's is a legendary pizza restaurant. Whether you are hungry or not, or have time for a meal, it is worth taking a moment to enjoy it…

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    1. Reyna Claps

    Dec 26, 2019

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    Aug 23, 2019

    1. Michael

    Alexis. You have photograph of Alleva in you tour that I would like to buy a digital copy of. I am an artist living in Denver CO. And I have a client who has a personal connect to Alleva. I would like to use your photograph in creating a custom work of art. Please contact me if this would be possible. Thank you for you time. Michael Rieger. 720-331-6402.

    Apr 17, 2019

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