Smartphone PhotoWalk: Financial District & Embarcadero SF

San Francisco, CA

  • Late afternoon shot of the Ferry Building with the trolly station roof as a framing device.
  • Horizontal shot taken in the late afternoon.
  • The staircase on Montgomery St.  Climb to the middle landing.
  • The Embarcadero and Bay Bridge in the late afternoon.
  • The fence overlooking the Embarcadero and Bay Bridge.
  • Panoramic shot from the top of Kearny & Union.
  • Vertical shot of the Transamerica and North Beach.
  • A picture taken in the early evening.
  • A bright afternoon sky makes for a silhouetted effect.
  • The Sentinel Building in the afternoon.
  • The Sentinel Building in the early evening.
  • The buildings along Leidesdorff frame the Transamerica Pyramid with an upside down "V."
  • Capture the shot from this ledge at the southern part of the trolly stop.
  • Mid-afternoon shot of the Ferry Building.
  • Late afternoon shot in the Ferry Building. Note the sun reflection on the glossy cement floor.
  • Late afternoon picture of the Bay Bridge.

2 hours
1.9 mi
Guided by Clay

Packed with photogenic vistas, iconic architecture and emotive characters, San Francisco demands to be photographed. This walk will guide you from the Financial District to the Embarcadero to capture perfect shots of the Transamerica Pyramid, Sentinel Building, Ferry Building, Bay Bridge and other points. We'll also provide composition recommendations to help capture a striking photograph, whether you're using an smartphone or DSLR.

About Your Guide
When I was a kid growing up in Central California, San Francisco was a pulsing metropolis - the place to be. SF had all the best concerts, all the creativity, all the food, all the best stories. Now that I live in SF all these years later, I still feel that way. I find humor in things i probably shouldn't. I love being outdoors, taking photographs, shopping for cheese and exploring the world through my rambunctious children's eyes.

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Guide Points
  1. Transamerica Pyramid and FiDi Skyline
  2. Quick Shot: Bay Bridge
  3. Transamerica Pyramid and Victorian Houses
  4. Language of the Birds
  5. The Sentinel Building
  6. Transamerica Pyramid Close-Ups
  7. Quick Shot: FiDi Canyon
  8. Outside the Ferry Building
  9. Inside the Ferry Building
  10. The Bay Bridge Near Pier 14
  11. The Best Shot of the Bay Bridge

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