BBQ & Belgian Bombers: The Best of Downtown Austin

Austin, TX

  • Lamberts' beef brisket with a side of pickled vegetables.
  • Lambert's crispy wild boar ribs.
  • Willie Nelson statue at ACL Live.
  • Willie Nelson's famous guitar named "Trigger."
  • The front patio of Jo's.
  • The Belgian Bomber iced coffee from Jo's.
  • A look at the cocktails at Swift's Attic. The New Old Fashioned is on the lower right hand side.
  • The interior at Swift's Attic.
  • Elephant Room's live jazz!
  • The bar at Elephant Room.

2 hours
0.5 mi
Guided by Abby


We’re on a mission to explore the essential downtown Austin experience in one fell swoop. Friends don’t let friends come to Austin and miss out on these spots. We will start with one of my favorite places for “fancy BBQ” and then we will take a quick visit to a live music institution, grab a quintessential local coffee to fight the meat sweats, and end the night with craft cocktails and live jazz. Grab your boots. This is going to be a fantastic night.

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Hey, Sidewalkers! I'm Abby: a Creative Director here in Austin. I grew up in Boston, but moved here from Chicago. I fell in love with Austin's great weather, creative & talented folks, and the amount of nature dispersed throughout the city. I adore taking road trips around Texas with my boyfriend, Alex; we've been to Marfa, Alpine, Houston, Corpus Christi, and Fredericksburg... but love calling Austin home. My passions include essay writing, contour drawing, light studying, pie baking, and people watching. I hope to do some world traveling in the next few years: Greece, Spain, and Japan are high on my list.

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Guide Points

  1. Lambert’s Downtown Barbeque

    Barbecue is a way of life in Austin. There are dozens of BBQ joints throughout town, each with its own philosophy on rubs, wood, smoke, cut…

  2. Willie Nelson Statue & ACL Live

    We find ourselves outside of Austin City Limits, one of the most important live music establishments in the country.

  3. Jo's Coffee

    If Willie is instrumental in keeping Austin weird, Jo’s is responsible for keeping Austin caffeinated.

  4. Swifts Attic

    Swift’s Attic is a great spot to stop for a cocktail before we head to The Elephant Room afterwards for some live jazz (shows start around …

  5. Elephant Room

    It wasn’t voted Austin’s best jazz bar seven years running for nothing. Often referred to as the epicenter of the Texas jazz scene, The Ele…

Sidewalk Reviews

  1. 4 Reviews


    Great experience! I live in Austin but haven’t been out in awhile. I really enjoyed myself and will recommend to family and friends.

    Feb 25, 2020

    1. Joy Ritter

    Aug 15, 2019

    1. Roy Dreier

    Can't wait to try these spots! (reviewed on flight into Austin.)

    Oct 21, 2018

    1. Jason

    May 31, 2018

    1. Corey

    Amazing! Thanks for guiding me around town Abby. This is my first time visiting Austin and I had a blast. I’m going back for another Belgian bomber tomorrow! 🤤

    Apr 26, 2018

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