Opulence, Colonialism & Change: Old Singapore in the Downtown Civic District

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1.5 mi
Guided by Beatrice
Beatrice Chang


From backwater fishing village to regional powerhouse, Singapore and its rich history are best discovered on foot. Come explore the city's early days through its colonial buildings, neo-classical architecture, and symbols of grandeur in the central Civic District. We begin at Sir Stamford Raffles' landing point and meander our way through historic locations, sacred spaces and grand plazas to conclude with cocktails at the stately emblem of colonial supremacy, Raffles Hotel. This is the definitive way to experience the story of Singapore.

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Tasting the world with an open mind, empty stomach, and full heart. Likes: sea turtles, spicy food, late night hawker stalls, matcha anything. Dislikes: rolled ice cream, overly-sweet desserts, selfie-sticks.

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Guide Points

  1. Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles

    Sir Stamford Raffles stands arms crossed and frozen in white polymarble, mere paces from the point where he first arrived in 1819.

  2. Cavenagh Bridge

    >The use of this bridge is prohibited to any vehicle of which the laden weight exceeds 3 cwt and to all cattle and horses. By order - Chief…

  3. Merlion Park

    The head of a lion, the body of a fish. The Merlion is the proud and appropriate symbol of Singapore.

  4. St. Andrew's Cathedral

    As we head north, it will be difficult to miss St. Andrew's Cathedral. Not only is it a white, Gothic Revival national monument, but it sit…

  5. Chijmes

    Singapore is in a constant state of invention and reinvention, keeping a hopeful eye on the distant horizon while never losing sight of whe…

  6. Raffles Hotel

    Raffles Hotel is the landmark epitome of Singapore colonialism and opulence. The hotel was built in 1887 and named after Singapore's founde…

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