International Dinner Crawl on Piedmont Avenue: Can You Eat It All?

San Francisco, CA

  • The Philly cheese steak/lamb with the side of Greek rice. Photo: Alan Liang.

2 hours
0.3 mi
Guided by Dennis

The Piedmont Avenue neighborhood of Oakland, CA is one of the lesser known and underrated parts of the city - especially for food lovers. Piedmont Avenue features a multi-ethnic mosaic of spice, ingredients and technique. Come on a walk of three courses and a dessert from around the world. We'll sample gyros, seafood tacos, Indian tandoori and gelato - all within a two-block radius. See if you can keep up with me and stamp your culinary passport at each stop as I present a taste of the world on Piedmont Avenue.

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Guide Points
  1. Simply Greek Restaurant
  2. Baja Taqueria
  3. Raj Indian Cuisine
  4. Lush Gelato

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