Hiding in Plain Sight: Secret Romance in Union Square | Presented by the Burritt Room

San Francisco, CA

  • La Europa: French gin, cinchona, cocchi americano, peat, bitters. Photo: Benjamin Cooper.
  • The back wall behind the bar at Benjamin Cooper. Photo: Benjamin Cooper.
  • "Two Trees Heart" in Union Square. Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff.
  • A heart by Hilary Pecis.
  • Josh mixes an elixir behind the bar. Photo: Burritt Room.
  • The scene at the Burritt Room. Photo: Burritt Room.
  • Inside Cafe Claude. The metal supports in the middle are retroactive earthquake proofing. Photo: Michael Bauer.
  • Dining al fresco at Cafe Claude. Photo: Cafe Claude.
  • The lights strung up along Maiden Lane. Photo: Eddie H.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright's spiral ramp at 146 Maiden Lane was an earlier exploration for the ramp at the Guggenheim Museum. Photo: Chris Stewart.

1 hour and 30 minutes
1.4 mi
Guided by Chris

A handful of little-known intimate hideouts are cloaked behind the touristy veneer of Union Square. Go on the perfect date with someone as you together discover hidden speakeasies, pop art, a secluded artisanal kitchen and French champagne. Whether it is your first date or your five hundredth, this cosmopolitan escape is the flawless way to get closer to a (potentially) special someone.

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I am the head of the bar at Charlie Palmer’s Burritt Room + Tavern. I have spent my whole life in food and beverages - from pairing wines to creating new cocktails - so I know where to go for culinary experiences. When I'm not in my kitchen, you can find me exploring San Francisco cocktail lounges and Chinese food joints, shaping ice sculptures with a chain saw, reading about local history, or distilling small-batch whiskey.

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Guide Points
  1. Benjamin Cooper
  2. Hearts in Union Square
  3. Burritt Room + Tavern
  4. Cafe Claude
  5. Maiden Lane

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