Flying Fish, Cheese Curds & Black Garlic: The Local's Foodie Guide to Pike Place Market

Seattle, WA

  • The Storyville Macchiato.
  • Beautiful half-moon windows overlooking Pike Place Market.
  • A chocolate frosting with sprinkles donut from the Daily Dozen.
  • Where the magic happens at the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company.
  • The scene at Tenzing Momo.
  • A close-up view of the gum wall.
  • A satisfied selfie-taker.
  • A family poses with Rachel the Pig.
  • A fishmonger tosses a fish at Pike Place Fish Market.  Photo: mskissyfur19
  • Look for the men in orange overalls.
  • A "walkaround" cup of Passionfruit yogurt.
  • Feel free to ask for a sample.
  • Sample the full assortment of pickles.
  • Free shots of pickle juice.
  • Step right up and ask for a sample of anything.
  • A Bing and Ranier cherry.
  • Everything is on display at the Mee Sum Pastry counter.
  • A steamed hom bow on the left and baked hom bow on the right.
  • Buy ginger beer by the growler.
  • A Storm Clouds cocktail (aka Dark & Stormy) with dark rum.
  • Plenty of samples at Beecher's.
  • Sometimes nighttime is the best time to visit the original Starbucks.

3 hours
0.4 mi
Guided by Whit
Whit Kasetti


There is a right way and wrong way to experience the must-see destination that is Pike Place Market. This is the stroll around Pike Place that I only share with people I like. A little history, a little entertainment, all the iconic sites and a good amount of food. This is the best of the best of the market: donuts, chocolate covered cherries, ginger beer, pork buns and more. Just don't tell anyone!

About Your Guide

After a nomadic life cooking in top kitchens all over the west coast, I now call Seattle home. There is an incredible food scene here largely due to the convergence of different cultures, fresh local produce and seafood, and tech industry money. Luckily for me, it is both my job and obsession to know the local culinary scene. Let me show you my Seattle.

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Guide Points

  1. Storyville Coffee Company

    Even despite all the tens of thousands of people that occupy it every day, Pike Place is a pretty magical place. Nowhere else in the world…

  2. Daily Dozen Doughnut Company

    The Daily Dozen always has a line, but it moves fast and offers enough time to watch the donut-making mini-factory spectacle. Barbara Elza…

  3. Tenzing Momo

    There is a little something for everyone in Pike Place. Whether you are into essential oils, incense and eastern medicine or not, there is…

  4. The Gum Wall

    Admittedly I feel bad bringing you here, but everyone will ask if you have seen it, so chalk this up to a Seattle rite of passage.

  5. Rachel the Pig

    Introducing Rachel the Pig. Part mascot for the market, part photo supermodel, part piggy bank, Rachel is a 550 lb bronze statue modeled a…

  6. Pike Place Fish Market

    Just behind Rachel is perhaps the most famous institution in all of Seattle: the Pike Place Fish Market. This large fishmonger carries an …

  7. Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

    Forget everything you know or think about Greek Yogurt. Ellenos makes something completely different.

  8. Britt's Pickles

    Most people walk right past the hidden and small pickle stand made from raw wood planks. But they are missing out. Britt Eustis turned hi…

  9. Chukar Cherries

    According to company lore, agricultural academics in the 1980s declared that drying a fruit was impossible to accomplish without adding sug…

  10. Mee Sum Pastry

    There is a stand on the northern side of Pike Place that features a takeout stand with an assortment of Chinese pastries behind glass.

  11. Rachel's Ginger Beer

    Let's take a pitstop for something refreshing at Rachel's Ginger Beer, or "RGB" as it is frequently named. Once you see the logo and bottl…

  12. Beecher's Cheese

    Beecher's Cheese Shop offers another great display of a unexpectedly satisfying factory machine at work. You can watch the full cheese cur…

  13. The Original Starbucks

    The longest line at Pikes Place Market is easily for the original Starbucks store. It is 10-15 minutes from the door, so evaluate how comm…

Sidewalk Reviews

  1. 6 Reviews

    1. Stephenie Hoelscher

    Britt’s Pickles closed its location here, but you can get their pickles at Nancys. Black garlic can be f Ind at Franks.

    Jan 21, 2020

    1. Anonymous

    Aug 24, 2019

    1. Anonymous

    Nov 3, 2018

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