Block Walk Mid-Market: Million Dollar Sculptures, Spray Paint & Hidden Artwork

San Francisco, CA

  • Up close with "Caruso's Dream" at night. Photo: Brian Goggin.
  • "Remembering Jade" by Os Gemeos. Photo: Juxtapoz.
  • "Venus" stands in the Trinity Place courtyard. Photo: Mike Moffitt/SFGATE.
  • A crane installs the head on top of the statue of Venus. Photo: Trinity Place.
  • Close up of the muses in "Live Outside."
  • "Live Outside" by Alynn-Mags.
  • The artist's designs for the installation. Photo: Brian Goggin.

30 minutes
0.9 mi
Guided by Jason

In a city known for its murals, street artists and public art, the Mid-Market district is packed with noteworthy works. Whimsical, colorful, monumental and yet often obscured, the art in the neighborhood often goes unnoticed. Come on a quick stroll to find four pivotal murals and sculptures that represent the best of the local and international, low-end and luxury art world in SF. Along the way, I'll explain why there has been an explosion in public art in this area over the past couple of years.

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Guide Points
  1. Os Gemeos Mural
  2. Venus
  3. Live Outside Mural
  4. Caruso's Dream

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