Parisian Macarons, Craft Bonbons & Lemon Tarts: The Artisanal Desserts of Hayes Valley

San Francisco, CA

  • An eye-catching box of chocolates.
  • The Russian Honey Cake.
  • Chef/owner Michelle Polzine of 20th Century Cafe.
  • Varieties of macarons at Miette.
  • All sorts of beautifully packaged treats at Miette.
  • A spoonful of rice pudding from Loving Cup
  • The counter at Loving Cup.
  • Chocolates from Christopher Elbow.  Left to right: bananas foster, mint chocolate, passionfruit.
  • The Lemon Tart at Monsieur Benjamin.  Photo: John Storey.
  • The exterior of Monsieur Benjamin.

2 hours
0.5 mi
Guided by Jason
Jason Donahue


For foodies of farm-to-table Californian cuisine, Hayes Valley is a mecca of gluttonous proportions. Join us explore the best dessert and sweets of the up-and-coming neighborhood. We will walk to five locations in Hayes Valley that showcase the diversity and craftsmanship of its hip confectioners including delicate European layer cake, hand painted chocolates and rice pudding. Bring your discerning sweet tooth.

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I am all about exploring local history, architecture, food and art to learn about how places came to be. You can find me in search of hidden places, tasty dim sum, high-design speakeasies, skyline vistas and other ingredients to build the perfect day.

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Guide Points

  1. 20th Century Cafe

    Welcome to Old World Europe where the cafes are bright, tables are marble, utensils are sterling, china is dainty and espresso machines are…

  2. Miette

    _Conde Nast_ named Miette one of the top ten pastry shops in the world, so this is a must-visit spot whenever in Hayes Valley.

  3. Loving Cup

    Let's change the pace and go with something a little less fancy. Loving Cup specializes in homemade rice pudding and hand-churned, mixed-t…

  4. Christopher Elbow Chocolates

    Christopher Elbow produces dazzling artisanal chocolate. Step inside and note the white shelves that were painstakingly chosen to showcase…

  5. Monsieur Benjamin

    For our final stop today, we will change course and visit an actual restaurant - convenient if you need something savory to balance out the…

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