Local, Bespoke & Delicious: The Shopping Scene on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice

Los Angeles, CA

  • Naturally dyed clothes that pop in an all-white room.
  • The open and rustic interior at The Butcher's Daughter
  • Flight of juice: left to right: Eastern Promise #11, Honey Bee #8, Orange #2, Red #1
  • Head into Tortoise General Store.
  • Find the friendly staff members working behind the check-out counter.
  • TOMS is in fact a coffee roastery.
  • Espresso served with mineral water.
  • A scoop of Honey Lavender in a waffle cone cup. Photo: Adrienne D.
  • The scene at Salt & Straw.
  • Everything you didn't know you needed can be found at Burro.
  • Zenbunni is hidden in what looks to be a hollowed out tree trunk.
  • Colorful assortment of pure chocolate sachets.
  • Simple store that does a few things exceptionally well.

3 hours
0.9 mi
Guided by Evangeline

Over the decades, Venice has been the home of architects, beatniks, hippies, gang members, weightlifters and skateboarders. Today, it is the hot destination of the boho-chic, techno-hiker and eco-hipster. The big draw of the neighborhood is the shopping district of Abbot Kinney Boulevard, what GQ calls, "the coolest block in America." Stroll with us as we explore the best of the indie men's and women's clothing boutiques, home decor curators and culinary edibles that the boulevard has to offer.

About Your Guide
LA girl, born and raised. I'm all about the sun, palm trees and the Dodgers - even if I have to put up with freeway traffic. Enthusiast of action movie sneak peeks, avocado toast, beach day and little-known clothing boutiques.

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Guide Points
  1. Industry of All Nations
  2. The Butcher's Daughter
  3. Tortoise General Store
  4. Aviator Nation
  5. Stag Provisions
  6. TOMS Flagship Store
  7. Intelligentsia Coffee
  8. Salt & Straw
  9. Burro
  10. Zenbunni
  11. Buck Mason

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