The Insider's Walk of Fisherman's Wharf: Sea Lions, Chocolate, Chowder & Pinball

San Francisco, CA

  • The master at work.  Adding the cream to Irish Coffee.
  • Sea lions sun themselves near Pier 39.
  • Soaking up the sun.
  • The Boudin Bakery.
  • Sourdough and all sorts of other breads on display.
  • The scene at the Musee Mecanique.
  • Coin operated peep show boxes, love testers and more.
  • Doors are open to the chapel.
  • The Fisherman's and Seaman's Memorial Chapel.
  • Sculpture, paintings and mixed media in the ZK Gallery.
  • Irish Coffee at The Buena Vista Cafe bar.
  • The Buena Vista Cafe.
  • Enter the Original Chocolate Shop.
  • Some of the machinery used to make chocolate.

2 hours and 15 minutes
1.2 mi
Guided by Jason
Jason Donahue


Fisherman's Wharf is one of the most polarizing neighborhoods in San Francisco; tourists flock here while residents go out of their way to avoid it. The truth is: the locals are missing out. Come on a walk to spot sea lions at play, discover a hidden antique arcade and stumble upon some of the city's culinary classics. Whether you are an SF native or an out-of-towner, you are going to love this tour of the heartwarming, secret, historic, iconic and charming Fisherman's Wharf.

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I am all about exploring local history, architecture, food and art to learn about how places came to be. You can find me in search of hidden places, tasty dim sum, high-design speakeasies, skyline vistas and other ingredients to build the perfect day.

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Guide Points

  1. The Sea Lions of Pier 39

    Wild sea lions have occupied these floating platforms ever since the 1989 earthquake. Previously they had held court on "Seal Rock" in the …

  2. Boudin Sourdough Factory

    The Boudin Bakery (Pronounced "boo-DEEN") is a lively facility with giant glass windows to watch bakers hard at work. The staff bakes a va…

  3. Musée Mécanique

    Welcome to one of San Francisco's best kept secrets. The Musee Mecanique features over 300 coin-operated antique animatronics, pinball mach…

  4. Fisherman's and Seaman's Memorial Chapel

    At the former site of the old Coast Guard Building stands a little wooden chapel dedicated to the seafarers of the city.

  5. ZK Gallery

    En route to our next stop, let's take a brief detour to visit a pop art gallery. ZK Gallery specializes in contemporary, eye catching art.

  6. Buena Vista Cafe

    Despite all the items on the menu, the Buena Vista Cafe is known for one thing: producing the best Irish Coffee west of Ireland. Perfect fo…

  7. The Original Ghiradelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop

    Ghiradelli (pronounced "GEAR-rah-deli") is a San Francisco institution; founder Domingo Ghiradelli sold his first chocolate confections to …

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