5 Kitchens 5 Courses - NoHo: Spring Rolls, Homemade Pasta, Green Tea Lava Cake & More

New York City

  • Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake with warm dark chocolate & green tea cake with green tea ice cream.
  • The scene at Angel's Share.
  • Meticulous care invested in each cocktail.
  • Fried spring rolls. Wrap in the lettuce and pickled veggies and eat by hand.
  • The Thai basil beef salad.
  • Orecchiette ai broccoli.
  • The rustic scene at Gemma.
  • Crisp Honey Buttered Toast with condensed milk ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream.
  • The menu as of September 2016.
  • The Dark and the Light.  Exclusively at McSorley's.
  • McSorley's was considered old in the 1940s.

2 hours and 30 minutes
0.9 mi
Guided by Dave
Dave Hotchkiss


Join us on a dinner walk to explore the best of culinary NoHo. The curated stops represent the best of the neighborhood's hip dining scene. No reservations required on weeknights, just your appetite. We'll start with cocktails at a speakeasy and move on to French-Vietnamese appetizers, Italian pasta for mains, pop-Japanese for dessert and a historic Irish pub to cap the night.

About Your Guide

Dave has lived in the Mission District for years and has explored his fair share of culinary establishments, from Michelin-starred kitchens to taco stands on the side of the road.

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Guide Points

  1. Angel's Share

    Our aperitif awaits us in a cocktail den hidden beyond a restaurant. Find the signs for Village Yakocho and head up the stairs to the seco…

  2. Indochine

    The appetizer course of the evening will be served in tropical 1930s Saigon, complete with black and white tiled floors, red lantern sconce…

  3. Gemma

    We trade in the runway glamor for rustic, family-style Italian. Gemma is an excellent trattoria for our main course.

  4. Spot Dessert Bar

    This informal dessert boutique is popular with the thirtysomething NoHo locals, twentysomething NYU students and Asian teenieboppers alike.…

  5. McSorley's Old Ale House

    Let's cap off the night with an after-dinner ale at McSorley's. Just to set expectations, we're not here for the drinks per se, but for th…

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