The ABCs of Alphabet City

New York, NY

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45 minutes
0.2 mi
Guided by kristen

Alphabet City is in a brilliant "tween" moment of gentrification: it's no longer the badlands that no outsider dare enter, but it's not (yet) the basic 'b' that it's neighboring East Village is slowly becoming. Whether you're a local or tourist, now's the time to explore these streets, learn about the neighborhood's colorful history and experience the palpable sense of community that has been created by a motley crew of characters. p.s. I've created a playlist of tunes to stroll to just for this walk. Check it out:

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Guide Points
  1. Christodora House
  2. La Plaza Cultural
  3. Neighborhood Deli
  4. Maiden Lane
  5. Tompkins Square Park
  6. Ray's Candy Store

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