Heritage & History: African American Cultural Institutions of Buffalo, NY

  • Kids walk past the Freedom Wall. Photo: mjaepeterson.
  • Students stand in front of the Nash House. Photo: danasaylor.
  • Rev. J. Edward Nash.
  • The Michigan Street Baptist Church.
  • A hiding spot in the basement for the Underground Railroad.
  • The front of the Colored Musicians Club. Photo: abuffalotreasure.

1 hour and 30 minutes
3.5 mi
Guided by Jalen
Jalen Hawkins


Buffalo has a rich African American culture that has been built over many years and with a lot of hard work, as illustrated in Lillian Serece Williams' book, "Strangers in the Land of Paradise: Creation of an African American Community in Buffalo." This tour explores the cultural institutions of Buffalo, from religious pillars to a stop on the Underground Railroad, from jazz musicians to a soul food institution. Come explore the African American culture and heritage of Buffalo.

About Your Guide

I'm a student at the State University of New York, Buffalo. I'm a pharmacy student, but in my limited spare time, I'm on the court shooting hoops.

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Guide Points

  1. The Nash House Museum

    Our first stop today is the Nash House, home of the late Rev. J. Edward Nash.

  2. Michigan Street Baptist Church

    The Michigan Street Baptist Church has played a critical role in African American history since it was built in 1845.

  3. Colored Musicians Club of Buffalo NY

    Buffalo has made large contributions to the rise of jazz music. The Colored Musicians Club is now a jazz history museum but it was original…

  4. The Freedom Wall

    The Freedom Wall features beautifully illustrated faces of prominent members of the African American community.

  5. Mattie's Restaurant

    Buffalo is widely known throughout the US for its food - Frank's Hot Sauce, chicken wings, Dinosaur BBQ, Weber's Mustard.

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