Tales from the Grave: Ghosts and Hauntings of Greenwich Village

New York City

  • Front page of the The New York Herald the day after the fire.
  • Peter Stuyvesant: Director-General of New Amsterdam.
  • St. Mark's Church.
  • The entrance to NYU dormitory, Brittany Hall
  • The entry to 14 W 10th St.
  • A plaque to Mark Twain to the left of the door.
  • Washington Square arch.
  • A statue of George Washington stands before the arch.
  • Photo documenting what the factory floor looked like before and after the fire.
  • Fire engines struggling to put out the fires.
  • The Edgar Allen Poe House.
  • The Fire Patrol Station #2 at 84 W 3rd St.
  • Theodosia Burr, still seething centuries later.
  • Inside One if by Land, Two if by Sea Restaurant.
  • The outside of Chumley's.
  • The Medieval-styled front door screams security and heft.
  • The scene outside of the White Horse Tavern.
  • Plaque to celebrate Dylan Thomas.

2 hours
1.9 mi
Guided by Damien
Damien Cassavetes


Meander through one of the most haunted neighborhoods in the world in search of ghosts that are sinister and mischievous, famous and obscure. Four hundred years of murder, plague, greed, scorn and poetry in Greenwich Village have conjured ghouls of all sorts of notoriety. Explore the dark histories of haunted churches, taverns, firehouses, parks and even a subway station. Warning: this hunt for poltergeists in the shadows of the Village is not appropriate for children.

About Your Guide

Stories of the gruesome, unsolved and occult seem to chase me. In college, I majored in history, with a focus on 19th-century American medicine and disease. Now I write crime and suspense novels. In my research over the years, I uncovered stories about murder, paranormal sightings, witchcraft, cults and spirits. Much of it can be explained away with science but other things remain a mystery. I will admit that exploring the dark side of life has become a bit of a side passion for me. Hopefully you find it just as interesting. Check out my series of haunted walks in three cities so far: New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle.

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Guide Points

  1. St. Mark's Church

    The Stuyvesant name is one of the most prominent in New York's history because Peter Stuyvesant was the last Director-General of the Dutch …

  2. Brittany Hall

    College in the big city can be frightening enough for a freshman without having to deal with a ghost. Brittany Hall was originally the Bri…

  3. House of Death - 14 West 10th St

    This relatively plain late-1850s brownstone is nicknamed, _The House of Death_ due to the 22 spirits that are said to haunt the building. …

  4. Washington Square Park

    At the foot of 5th Ave, Washington Square Park is one of the most popular of New York's public parks. But if people knew more about its hi…

  5. Brown Building

    This is one of the most gruesome haunts on the walk. Before the Brown Building was donated to NYU, this neo-Renaissance building was an in…

  6. The Edgar Allan Poe House

    From 1844 to 1846, master poet of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe lived in this building and wrote what would become his seminal work.

  7. One if by Land, Two if by Sea Restaurant

    Aaron Burr's 1767 carriage house is now a restaurant that, "gets a landslide vote for New York's most romantic dining experience... surroun…

  8. Chumley's

    This boring residential facade used to hide the Prohibition-era speakeasy, Chumley's. For years it was closed due to architectural safety,…

  9. White Horse Tavern

    The White Horse Tavern is the final destination on our tour of Greenwich Village haunts. Built in 1880, the White Horse Tavern admits that…

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