A Walk of Harvard University: Secret Societies, Scandalous Traditions & Life on the Yard

Boston, MA

  • Resist the urge to rub John Harvard's shoe. Photo: Jorge Salcedo
  • A view of Harvard Square from above. Photo: Anthony John Coletti.
  • The Harvard station circa 1930s.
  • Climb the curved staircase in the Coop.
  • The Coop from the second floor.
  • Mass Hall circa 1865.
  • Harvard Commencement from the speaker's stage.
  • John Harvard is a major tourist attraction.
  • Inside the study hall in Widener Library.
  • The grand staircase in the entry of the Widener Library.
  • The Dexter Gate leading into Harvard Yard.
  • Wigglesworth Hall.
  • The Porcellian Club headquarters.
  • An 1884 invitation to the Porcellian Club.
  • Note the eyes, nose, mouth and hat of the Harvard Lampoon headquarters.
  • The Harvard Lampoon at night. Photo: jblandino.
  • The courtyard leading into the Russell House Tavern.
  • The Battle of Trafalgar at the Russell House Tavern. Photo: Beth Treffeisen.

1 hour
0.8 mi
Guided by Kevin

As an alum of the university, I know a few things about Harvard, student life and the bustle around Harvard Square. Come on a walk of the campus and surrounding hangout spots. Along the way we'll discuss student traditions, celebrity alums, secret societies and more. Our walk will include top gems in Harvard Yard, a visit to the Coop student store, and a cocktail at one of the favorite restaurants in Harvard Square.

About Your Guide
Chicago born, Minneapolis raised, DC native. Studied political science and creative writing. Enthusiast of historical non-fiction, chocolate chip cookies, crime dramas and gin. Preferably not all at the same time, but I wouldn't say no.

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Guide Points
  1. Harvard Square
  2. Harvard Coop
  3. Massachusetts Hall
  4. John Harvard Statue
  5. Widener Library
  6. Wigglesworth Hall
  7. Porcellian Club
  8. Lampoon Castle
  9. Russell House Tavern

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