Transformation of the Dogpatch | The Creation of a Mixed-Use Innovation District

San Francisco, CA

  • Artist rendering of Dogpatch Arts Plaza. Courtesy of CMG Landscape Architecture.
  • Sculpture of Celtic god Epos Olloatir in the Dogpatch Arts Plaza.
  • Artist rendering of O&M and the Dogpatch Arts Plaza. Courtesy of Build.
  • The O&M apartments at 680 Indiana Street. Courtesy of Build.
  • Rendering of the plans to expand Esprit Park. Courtesy: Dogpatch Public Realm Plan.
  • Esprit Park update plans. Courtesy: Dogpatch Public Realm Plan.
  • Main entrance to Avalon Bay. Courtesy: Avalon Bay.
  • Rendering of 800 Indiana. Courtesy: Avalon Bay
  • Rendering of the playground at Woods Yard Park. Courtesy: Groundworks
  • Designs for the greening of 22nd Street between Indiana and Minnesota. Courtesy: Fletcher Studio.
  • Retaining wall, trees and succulents in Angel Alley. Courtesy: Friends of Angel Alley
  • The Angel Alley Logo. Courtesy: Friends of Angel Alley
  • The interactive knot-tying features along the Ropewalk. Courtesy: Fletcher Studio
  • The giant steel table in the Ropewalk. Courtesy: Fletcher Studio.
  • Renderings for the Abaca (now Windsor at Dogpatch). Courtesy: Avant Group, Inc.
  • The atrium inside Minnesota Street Project. Courtesy: Minnesota Street Project.
  • The facade of Minnesota Street Project. Courtesy: Minnesota Street Project.

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Guided by Robin
Robin Abad


The Dogpatch is the epicenter of design, fabrication, ironworking, ship building and specialty foods in San Francisco. It is also one of the most hip, up-and-coming districts in the city, coupling its industrial heritage with mixed-use spaces that celebrate artists and makers, small business owners and diverse families. This architecture walk of the Dogpatch visits new mixed-use construction, innovative public open spaces and adaptive reuses of warehouses. Created in partnership with the American Institute of Architects San Francisco (AIASF).

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Robin is the Senior Planner and Urban Designer, San Francisco Planning Department. He also is an adjunct professor of architecture at California College of the Arts. The walk features insights from architects, landscape architects, and developers representing the structures and open spaces.

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Guide Points

  1. Dogpatch Arts Plaza

    The Dogpatch Arts Plaza (DAP) celebrates the neighborhood's artistic spirit and industrial heritage with a public outdoor gallery and amphi…

  2. O&M | 650 Indiana St

    The project consists of two architecturally distinct but integrated buildings separated by a publicly accessible courtyard in the middle of…

  3. Esprit Park

    Esprit Park is the only sizable green space in the Dogpatch neighborhood, so it receives its fair share of picnics, family birthday parties…

  4. Avalon Bay | 800 Indiana St

    The Avalon Dogpatch at 800 Indiana Street features community living centered around an inner courtyard.

  5. Woods Yard Park

    Woods Yard Playground provides an outdoor playscape for children of all ages.

  6. Angel Alley

    Angel Alley is a public alley between 22nd and Tubbs Street that demonstrates what a neighborhood community can do when it works together o…

  7. Dogpatch Ropewalk

    The Dogpatch Ropewalk is a series of public walkways that create community spaces, parklets and an homage to the neighborhood's maritime hi…

  8. Windsor at Dogpatch

    Abaca (now Windsor Dogpatch) is an apartment development in Dogpatch, offering 263 units offered at market rate and affordable-living price…

  9. Minnesota Street Project | 1275 Minnesota St

    Minnesota Street Project offers economically sustainable spaces for art galleries, artists and related nonprofits.

  10. Harmonic Brewing

    The Harmonic Brewery is one of my favorite places in the Dogpatch. It's a polished conversion of a lofty warehouse space. And the beer is d…

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