Sex, Cannabis and Bananas: Exploring The Red Light District of Amsterdam


  • No modesty in the RLD.  Photo: Max Berry.
  • De Oude Kerk.
  • "The Unknown Prostitute." A statue to Belle and all the other ladies of the night.
  • Striking up a conversation in the RLD.  Photo: Max Berry.
  • The multi-story nave of the Our Lord in the Attic Church.  Photo: Heather On Her Travels.
  • Cafe 't Mandje at daytime.  Photo: Cafe 't Mandje.
  • The "Queen of the Zeedijk," Bet van Beeren.  Photo: Cafe 't Mandje.
  • The Garden at the Cannabis College.  Photo: Sally Payne.
  • The scene outside of the Theatre Casa Rosso.  Photo: Martin Alberts.

2 hours
0.7 mi
Guided by Rhys
Rhys Atkinson


This neighborhood is certainly not for everyone, but we'll take a more inquisitive approach to the Red Light District. The oldest district of Amsterdam celebrates the world's oldest profession. And unlike just about everywhere else, prostitution is legal in the Netherlands. Join us as we walk the streets and alleys of the RLD to see the creative sex shop boutiques, historic strip clubs and window sills of prostitutes in full regalia. Along the way, we'll help explain the scene and offer the do's and don'ts. This is going to be fun.

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Guide Points

  1. De Oude Kerk (The Old Church)

    What better place to begin our walk of the Red Light District than at a church? This marks the beginning of De Wallen (The Wall) or the of…

  2. Dollebegijnensteeg

    Just blocks from the Old Church are women in storefront windows. Bras, thongs and platform heels are the uniform, but you'll see plenty of…

  3. Amstelkring Museum

    I know you thought you were done with churches for the evening, but I have one last one for you. And it is worth it. Welcome to Our Lord …

  4. Cafe 'T Mandje

    Considered to be Europe's first gay bar, Cafe 't Mandje opened in 1927 to be a bar of inclusion and tolerance. It's owner, Bet van Beeren …

  5. Oudezijds Achterburgwal

    Here we are at the mouth of the Red Light District's main drag. We will spend the rest of tonight's walk on this canal, making a loop.

  6. Banana Bar

    Banana Bar is the oldest and best known of the RLD strip clubs. For ?60, you receive an hour-long admission ticket which includes unlimite…

  7. Cannabis College

    We'll take a moment to change gears and delve into Holland's other regulated vice: marijuana. The Cannabis College (free) is a non-profit …

  8. Theatre Casa Rosso

    The Casa Rosso is known for its sex theater performances. Inside you'll find a 180-seat air conditioned theater set around a stage. There…

  9. Red Light Secrets Museum of Prostitution

    Just to set expectations, this is in fact a museum about prostitution (?10). You won't see any nudity here, and there is nothing especiall…

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