Cowboy Boots, Model Trains & Microbrews: The Best of Downtown Cheyenne

  • The Wrangler stands above the Depot Plaza. Photo: Everlearn Designs.
  • A pint of Shattercane IPA. Photo: Danielmark's.
  • The menu board of superhero beers. Photo: Danielmark's.
  • The "Downtown Cheyenne" boot stands in the Depot Plaza. Photo: Macy Evans.
  • The "Don't Feed the Animals" boot in the Depot Plaza. Photo: Mitali Chakraborty.
  • The former Union Pacific Railroad Station from 1887. Photo: Tom Willingham.
  • Incredible detail in the model train set. Photo: William Diehl.
  • Miles and miles of boots at The Wrangler. Photo: Kholood Al-Ghasra.
  • The scene inside the store. Photo: Wyoming Home.
  • The cute Wyoming Home storefront.
  • The dramatic Lion and the Mouse cocktail with mezcal, passion fruit, agave nectar, lemon and hellfire bitters. Photo: Paramount Ballroom.
  • It's beginning to look a lot like cocktails. Photo: Paramount Ballroom.

1 hour
0.6 mi
Guided by Luana
Luana Lahti


Downtown Cheyenne is reinventing itself into a hip and vibrant urban center. And yet, the vestiges of Old World architecture and Wild West spirit remain. It's a unique time to see how the two worlds blend together. Come let me show you my favorite places of timeless Cheyenne. On our walk, we'll see everything from 19th-century railroad engines to 20th-century cowboy boots, and 21st-century microbrews. Along the way, we'll explore some of the history and culture of the city. You're going to have a blast!

About Your Guide

I am active, energetic and love to eat sweets! In my spare time, you will find me biking, gardening and learning to speak French. I have lived in Cheyenne for decades and love to show guests everything we love about this place.

Where to Stay

If you're from out of town, come stay at my Airbnb just north of downtown Cheyenne. It is short walk to Frontier Park and the Rodeo grounds. Tap the circle to see my "Lovely Space with a Balcony."

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Guide Points

  1. Danielmark's Brewing Company Inc

    Wyoming was late to the craft beer party, but today, microbreweries are alive and well. Danielmark's is one of three microbreweries in down…

  2. Cheyenne Depot Plaza

    We find ourselves in the Cheyenne Depot Plaza, a major community gathering space.

  3. Cheyenne Depot Museum

    No other technology has been as formative to the development of Wyoming as the locomotive. This building in front of you is the appropriate…

  4. The Wrangler (aka Boot Barn)

    Need a pair of western boots or a respectable cowboy hat? The Wrangler is the place to go.

  5. Wyoming Home

    Whenever I need a present that screams "Wyoming" or at least "Western cowboy-living," I head to Wyoming Home.

  6. The Paramount Ballroom

    The Paramount Ballroom will transport you to a different time and place. This is the portal to a metropolis of urbane sophisticates and rar…

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