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Guided by Miguel
Miguel Pinto


Take a walk of Madrid’s most historic sites from the most famous to lesser-known ones. You will enjoy seeing the iconic Royal Palace, a 2,000-year old Egyptian temple, eating in the world’s oldest restaurant and visiting one of the oldest guitar-making workshops in Spain. These are some of my favorite places in downtown.

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My name is Miguel, I am a Portuguese native in Madrid. Although I am not a native Spaniard, I have crossed off a number of places, restaurants and sites from my Madrid bucket list. In my free time, I enjoy reading, photography and learning about historic sites.

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Guide Points

  1. Temple of Debod

    The Temple of Debod is a 2,200 year old temple, built in Egypt during the 2nd century BC. Clearly it has traveled a long way.

  2. Royal Palace of Madrid

    I am personally fascinated by the splendor and awe of royal palaces, so I love to come here.

  3. Catedral de la Almudena

    The Almudena Cathedral is Madrid’s oldest church, situated just a couple of minutes away from the Royal Palace.

  4. Sobrino de Botín

    I love eating at good restaurants, and this one has definitely proved it serves magnificent food - it has stayed in business for hundreds o…

  5. Plaza Mayor

    Plaza Mayor is one of Madrid’s most impressive spaces.

  6. Guitarras Ramírez

    If there is any instrument that one associates with Spain, it is the Spanish guitar. And a big reason for that is Jose Ramírez. He opened t…

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