Sleeping Giants, Multi-Story Street Art & Waterfall Memorials: The Art Around Yerba Buena

San Francisco, CA

  • "Sequence" by Richard Serra
  • "Sequence" by Richard Serra

45 minutes
0.6 mi
Guided by Anne
Anne Macaulay


Whether you're in town for a work conference, enjoying a concert, or killing time before a movie, check out some of the public art works jam-packed into the few blocks surrounding Yerba Buena Gardens. Come see something new, or get a different perspective of places you walk by everyday. Join me to access hidden artworks, multi-million dollar sculptures, and some of the best views of the city.

About Your Guide

I've got a passion for art (worked in both the auction and museum worlds), a love for travel (49 countries and counting), a soft spot for Italian food (my grandmother's meatballs can't be beat), will try anything once (almost), and am always looking to learn something new.

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Guide Points

  1. Pneumatic Dreamer

    Title: _Pneumatic Dreamer_

  2. Moscone Contemporary Art Centre & Garage

    Title: _Moscone Contemporary Art Centre & Garage_

  3. Spider Pelt

    Title: _Spider Pelt_

  4. Sequence (SFMOMA)

    Title: _Sequence_

  5. Green Glass Ship

    Title: _Green Glass Ship—Deep Gradient/Suspect Terrain (Season's of the Sea Adrift)_

  6. Abeyance (Draves y Robles y Vargas)

    Title: _Abeyance (Draves y Robles y Vargas)_

  7. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

    Title: _Revelations_

  8. Oche Wat Te Ou I Reflections

    Title: _Oche Wat Te Ou I Reflections_

  9. Shaking Man

    Title: _Shaking Man_

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