Focus the Fox Explores the Courthouse Neighborhood

Washington, D.C.

  • Focus and Clara check out "Oasis" by muralist SatOne. Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • Focus alone on Halloween. Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • Cousin Clara arrives just in time. Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • Focus and Clara look at a bike. Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • Clara and Focus visit the post office. Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • Focus the Fox's favorite stamps in his collection.
  • Focus and Clara dine on kabobs outside. Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • Focus and Clara look at "Compassion" by sculpture artist Una Hanbury. Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • The foxes find painted rocks in the Plant Hope Garden. Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • Focus takes a rest on a bench. Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • Cinnamon joins Focus and Clara. Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • Hot chocolate for everyone! Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • Photo by Gregg Micklos
  • The family of foxes together at Rocky Run Park
  • Focus plays on the slide at Rocky Run Park

1 hour
0.7 mi
Guided by Mary
Mary Dallao


Join Focus the Fox and his cousin Clara as they explore Courthouse in Arlington. This short walk is perfect for early elementary-age children to do with a grown up. It features places of interest in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington that are fun and welcoming for a child.

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Mary has called Arlington home for more than ten years. She loves being outdoors, and can often be found running or biking on one of Arlington’s many beautiful trails. She is currently the Program Manager for WalkArlington.

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Guide Points

  1. Colonial Village

    Focus the Fox was excited. His favorite cousin, Clara, was coming over to take him for a day out on the town. Clara arrived right on time.

  2. Capital Bikeshare

    As they walked up the hill on Wilson Blvd., the foxes spotted a big red bike parked at a bike rack.

  3. US Post Office

    The foxes continued up the hill toward the center of town until they reached the post office.

  4. Courthouse Kabob

    “I’m hungry,” said Focus.

  5. The Arlington Line Historical Marker

    After finishing their meal, Clara and Focus crossed the street to discover a small green space on a traffic island.

  6. Plant Hope Garden

    They walked for a little bit until they spotted a lovely garden offering all sorts of discoveries.

  7. Courthouse Plaza

    They left the garden and headed toward an outdoor plaza. Focus remembered that he had come here before to go to the movies.

  8. The Big Clock at Courthouse Plaza

    Clara saw the time on the big clock and realized that it was starting to get late.

  9. Rocky Run Park

    Focus and Clara arrived at Rocky Run to find Grandma and Grandpa waiting for them at the entrance.

Sidewalk Reviews

  1. 3 Reviews

    1. MKS

    It was a fun and interesting walk to do with my 6 year old. I used to live in that neighborhood and learned new things I hadn't known before!

    Nov 9, 2020

    1. Daniel Manchester

    Fun to explore some overlooked spots around places I thought I knew!

    Oct 21, 2020

    1. Jason

    Oct 18, 2020

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