The Stress-Free Stroll Through Clarksville - Rooftops, Rock, & Relaxation

Austin, TX

  • Clark's outdoor patio.
  • The "atx" sign in front of Whole Foods.
  • Whole Foods offers free yoga classes on the roof.
  • Front of Waterloo Records.
  • Bruno Mars performing at Waterloo.
  • Front of Wally Workman Gallery.
  • Natasha the Gallery Dog!
  • Clark's Cosmopolitan.
  • Clark's burger is one of the best in town.
  • The Old Austin cocktail at Cafe Josie.
  • The back patio at Cafe Josie.

1 hour and 30 minutes
0.5 mi
Guided by Abby


A few blocks from the skyscrapers of downtown Austin, Clarksville is a small-town-feel neighborhood with down-to-earth people, historic homes, funky food, an exciting art scene, and a few treasures that only surface after living here for a bit. Or when a local shows you! Come on an easy stroll that includes a secret rooftop park, an expertly-curated art gallery, and one of the most beloved record stores in Texas. We'll also stop into a few places for food, so come with a little appetite.

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Hey, Sidewalkers! I'm Abby: a Creative Director here in Austin. I grew up in Boston, but moved here from Chicago. I fell in love with Austin's great weather, creative & talented folks, and the amount of nature dispersed throughout the city. I adore taking road trips around Texas with my boyfriend, Alex; we've been to Marfa, Alpine, Houston, Corpus Christi, and Fredericksburg... but love calling Austin home. My passions include essay writing, contour drawing, light studying, pie baking, and people watching. I hope to do some world traveling in the next few years: Greece, Spain, and Japan are high on my list.

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Guide Points

  1. Whole Foods Flagship Store

    I know what you're thinking. "You can find a Whole Foods anywhere. Why are we going to a Whole Foods right now?" But this is no ordinary Wh…

  2. Waterloo Records & Video

    If Austin is the live music capital of the country, it is supported by Austin City Limits in the east and Waterloo Records in the west.

  3. Wally Workman Gallery

    To accompany Austin's music and food scene, there is a ton of contemporary art in the city. Wally Workman just happens to be one of the bes…

  4. Clark's Oyster Bar

    This is probably my favorite restaurant in Austin. Everything about Clark's is just so adorable and approachable. And yet, it's intimate, p…

  5. Café Josie

    We retire to Cafe Josie, the perfect place to wind down the festivities.

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